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Food for thought.....

Been reading one of my Jewish books (one of the "how to live a Jewish life" ones)....and hit the chapter on Kosher foods. I.....OK, we eat Biblical Kosher, which is different from Rabbinical Kosher - I try not to add to the clean/unclean thing, while Rabbis over the centuries have added a lot of "fences" to keep Jews on the right track (but, in reality, have made it difficult to keep Kosher. Seriously - needing 2 sets of dishes, so meat and milk don't mix? When Exodus AND Lev. both say only to not "boil a calf/kid in it's mother's milk". Orthodox Jews even go so far as to have 2 separate dishwashers for meat/milk dishes......:blink:)

Anyway. I decided to double-check what we eat, just to be sure I hadn't slipped....and Yah decided to toss me a curve-ball. I checked our vitamin stash. And......:sigh:

Gel-caps have gelatin in them.(Duh, right? Only I hadn't *thought* about it before) And I don't know from whence it came - clean, or unclean? (Yes, typically gelatin is from cows, which are clean...but SOME gelatin, or so I've heard, comes from pigs. UNclean. :sigh:) The problem? We (Herself and I) take quite a few oils - Fish Oil, Flaxseed OIl, and Evening Primrose Oil; all of which come in gel-cap form. As does her prescription.....

And I JUST refilled all our vitamins. :bangs head:

Some people would say it doesn't matter.....but, y'know, I can't quite buy that. If it didn't matter, He wouldn't have designated some animals unclean. It DOES. But.....

We can't take Herself off her prescription, and - so far! - there's nothing else that works. I'm hoping that the time-release caps aren't gelatin based (and I have some basis for that - I have a box of Kosher caps in the closet that I use for repackaging the copper boluses. So, they ARE made - in the 2-part capsules, anyway.). As for the vitamins...

We're going to keep using them until next month, when I can afford to replace them. The Fish Oil and Flaxseed oil help keep her Trich contained (Trich is a......syndrome where the person pulls out body hair. For some reason, these 2 oils *stop* the urge. When I don't dose her, she starts pulling her hair out....and it's not pretty.); the Evening Primrose helps with a woman's monthly cycles - no cramps, it evens out the mood swings, and...well, neither one of us do well without it.

Some of the other vitamins we take are also in capsule form; I plan on reading the bottles later. I'll toss the non-essential ones (even though I...well, I stocked up a few months ago with Puritan Pride's "Buy 2, get 2 free!" sale. :sigh:) and try to find alternatives.

The Lord seems to take great delight in doing this to me - I guess to help me learn. At least I did pretty well in the actual *food* now we're down to the small areas.

Switching gears: We almost lost Neo (one of this year's Nubian bucklings) yesterday. We had moved both of them into the kidding stall, because Goliad and his 2 girls are in the breeding/kid pen. They've been fine for a week - until yesterday. Hammer (the moon-spotted boy) figured out how to jump over the wall (they're only 3 feet tall, so it's not surprising); Neo attempted to follow him, but got his right rear leg hung up in the hay rack. We don't know how long he'd been hanging there.....his leg is cut, but not badly, and doesn't appear to be broken. He's gimpy, but not crying. I doctored the cut, gave him Banamine for the pain, and wrapped his leg with vet wrap.

We moved both of them into the chicken run (because we can't put them in with the other bucks - they'd get all beat up, especially Neo.), and this AM they were both OK. Neo is still limping a little, but his appetite is fine and he was following the kids around as they fed the chickens (in the coop, so the bucklings wouldn't get into the layer pellets). Hopefully, he'll be OK.....

34* this AM. COLD. All y'all Northerners can KEEP your cold weather - I don't want it!!!

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