Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Tuesday blather.....

First up, let's have a photo to brighten your day:

Yes, folks, it's Penny, the Dogasaurus Rex! I bound off the last leg this AM....Herself crocheted the spikes for me, because my wrist, it is *toast*. :sigh: Still, it turned out cute, and Penny seems to appreciate it (it was 37* this morning; she got mad at me when I pulled it off of her so we could go milk (I don't trust her yet. I JUST finished it; don't want it torn up that quickly!)).

And no, it's NOT a costume - it's her winter sweater. She'll be stylin' all winter long! :lol: (And she has a vet appt. at 11. This'll be fun!)

I found some more Hebrew links for y'all:

FSI course - this is the Federal Gov't course used in the 50's (if I read the description correctly.) You get a pdf of the student text, and "tapes" of each lesson. FREE. I haven't tried the "tapes" yet, but the book looks pretty good.

This is an Aussie site, with a TON of links. I haven't gone thru them all, but there's a lot that I hadn't seen before. Most are free; those that aren't are indicated.

20 Free sites from Online Colleges. I've glanced at them; there looks to be some games here. And did I mention these are all FREE? :lol:

I've got a bunch of Latin YouTubes marked, but until I preview 'em, I won't list 'em. We tried one last Clean, yes,'s a song about the verb endings (Ch. 1 of Wheelock's)..and it's...well, they can't sing. At all. It...hurt. A lot. :lol:

Speaking of, we started Wheelock's proper yesterday. Boy.....Himself was cool with it, but Herself went into almost full melt-down mode. Why? Because I made her WRITE the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person Singular and Plural verb endings down. Oh. My. Gosh! What a crime!!! :rolls eyes: She got a lecture from SG last night about it, because seriously - yes, the day is longer now, because Latin takes longer....but it's even longer when you groan and moan and complain about it. :sigh:

Gotta run - break's over, and we gotta hit the books!

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