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Previous Entry Blah.... Nov. 4th, 2012 @ 07:18 am Next Entry
Let's see.....yesterday we put my birthday prezzie into layaway; we looked into replacing the PS3 (we're having problems with the Blu-Ray player in it); we discussed spending my potential bonus (probably won't get one....but IF we do, it'll replace the goat meds/wormers/stock up on stuff)....all in all, a boring day.

I did start a new sock - yes, my wrist is toast, but being without a sock project was driving me batty. It's another pair of Knitty's "Monkey" in an Alpaca/wool blend. Hurts like hell, but it's keeping me sane.

I want to know exactly HOW we "gain" an hour, here? Because.....I wake up at the same time every morning, and this morning was no different - except, instead o 5:30, it was 4:FREAKING:30.....so, how, exactly, did I "gain" an hour? Because I'll need to go to sleep at my usual time, too...which is now 7:00. So.....yeah, Daylight Savings Time can go jump off a cliff. :sigh: (This AM I have already done 1 complete load of laundry, gotten everything for school this week set up, gotten almost everything for work set up, knit 1 pattern repeat on my sock, had breakfast, and done morning stables. So...not a loss, but 4:30 is too damn early!)

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