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Weekend Recap...


Previous Entry Weekend Recap... Nov. 11th, 2012 @ 09:36 am Next Entry
Let's see:

1. I finished my first sock yesterday, and immediately CO the 2nd. I LOVE this yarn (and "Monkey". I think it has to be my favorite not-me designed sock pattern - it's easily memorized, goes quickly, and makes a fabulous sock.) Photos will be forthcoming.....later.

2. This weekend was "clean up" weekend. The yard looks much better, and so does the house. The kitchen is almost clean - that's a Big Deal here. :lol:

3. Lame duck. Yesterday I did the Fat Burning workout...and couldn't do much the rest of the day. My calves were SCREAMING. So today I did the Slim Down workout - not quite as high-impact as the Fat Burning one, but not low-impact either. My calves are a little better, but I'm still hobbling around. I obviously need this....tomorrow will be a low-impact day, to let my calves recover.

4. Goliad has bred Dulce; not sure about Sasha. We'll be moving them out this week so that Calvin and his harem can go in; Malcolm will be with Annie, but I'll hand-breed him. No sense in trying to figure out a pen for just the 2 of them. Next month: Hobbes gets put in with the Cashmere girls.

5. I had to go to the App store today, to update Pocket Universe. The Editor's Choice....was Star Wars Angry Birds. :hangs head: Yeah....I dropped $2.99 to get it (on all 3 iPads - not a bad deal).....it's fun. :lol:

Gotta skitter - SG wants to bottle beer, so I need to clear off the island for him. And work on my sock!

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