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Weaving samples are in!!


Previous Entry Weaving samples are in!! Apr. 26th, 2005 @ 06:42 pm Next Entry
and all I can say is OH WOW!

If you want to see them, go to Carolyn's blog - she's got pictures posted!

I am humbled and impressed! I'm also fired up....but can't (legally) weave until June!! (Any bets on if I keep the restriction in place? I won't take any - it's a sucker bet!)

I'll be studying these for a while...my next project will be(another set of) dishtowels, and I'm seeing lots of possibilities here. Think I'll be playing with drafts for a while!

I also think I need to get a weaving program. It'll make things go faster - I hate to do drawdowns! - and I can play around with the sett and threadings easier. And print out the plans. *g* Must go research - anyone have any recommendations/pointers?
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Date:April 27th, 2005 01:06 am (UTC)
I use WinWeave most of the time. It's freeware, so give it a try.

I downloaded the demo for Fiberworks, but for my limited use I'm not sure if it's worth the money. http://www.fiberworks-pcw.com/

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