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Home again, home again, jiggity-jog!


Previous Entry Home again, home again, jiggity-jog! Nov. 19th, 2012 @ 02:04 pm Next Entry
Got done by 10:15 today, but didn't get to leave until 11:15. No biggie - I had to stop at Wally-world to pick up more labels - because...:gulp:....the website is as ready as I can get it for now.

Here it is: Barker Glen Farm

I don't have *all* the soaps up yet - but there's a lot there. SG isn't happy with the photos - these are the first set, because the 2nd set is too dark. Or something....

Anyway. The soaps on the site are ready to ship (or...will be by tonight. I need to finish printing labels and boxing them up, but basically, they're ready to go.) There's limited quantities of some of it - I thought I had more than I do. Friday is soaping day, so I'll be rectifying that little problem soon. And I'll try to get photos of the other soaps - I'm anxious to get the Chocolate Milk bars up. (Goat's Milk with Cocoa Butter and a rocking chocolate fragrance oil. They smell good enough to eat! I only did a small batch of it.....and I need to do a larger one. Because....chocolate. :mmmmm:)

We've been having fun with names....I changed some names the past few days, so some of my labels are "old" - they're too pricey for me to re-do. Ah, well - I indicated it on the site, so there won't be any confusion when/if they sell.

Have fun, and feel free to critique the site. I used weebly - free, and drag-and-drop. It's good....but some of the things are hard to get to line up (my LJ, for instance - I embedded it; it looks good on my MacBook, but it looks wrong on the iPad. I can't figure out how to "fix" it...:shrug:)


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spin a yarn
Date:November 19th, 2012 11:17 pm (UTC)
Two thoughts: 1) the link takes you to the homepage, not the soap page - you may want to adjust that when doing your marketing. 2) do you want your real blog to be linked to your commercial site, or would you prefer to copy your soapy blogs over to that site and leave the rest of your musings private?

Another squeeing with joy customer who would be *happy* to add feedback (and warm fuzzies) on your site if you want to put a place for customer feedback (and that might be very important since nearly all sites have that now).

- H
(spin a yarn)
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