Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Home again, home again, jiggity-jog!

Got done by 10:15 today, but didn't get to leave until 11:15. No biggie - I had to stop at Wally-world to pick up more labels - because...:gulp:....the website is as ready as I can get it for now.

Here it is: Barker Glen Farm

I don't have *all* the soaps up yet - but there's a lot there. SG isn't happy with the photos - these are the first set, because the 2nd set is too dark. Or something....

Anyway. The soaps on the site are ready to ship (or...will be by tonight. I need to finish printing labels and boxing them up, but basically, they're ready to go.) There's limited quantities of some of it - I thought I had more than I do. Friday is soaping day, so I'll be rectifying that little problem soon. And I'll try to get photos of the other soaps - I'm anxious to get the Chocolate Milk bars up. (Goat's Milk with Cocoa Butter and a rocking chocolate fragrance oil. They smell good enough to eat! I only did a small batch of it.....and I need to do a larger one. Because....chocolate. :mmmmm:)

We've been having fun with names....I changed some names the past few days, so some of my labels are "old" - they're too pricey for me to re-do. Ah, well - I indicated it on the site, so there won't be any confusion when/if they sell.

Have fun, and feel free to critique the site. I used weebly - free, and drag-and-drop. It's good....but some of the things are hard to get to line up (my LJ, for instance - I embedded it; it looks good on my MacBook, but it looks wrong on the iPad. I can't figure out how to "fix" it...:shrug:)


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