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Bunch of random stuff; some prompted by comments, some just floating around in my head. Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!

1. CHL: I had worried about being on a "list" somewhere...but I have been thinking. Right now, it is against FEDERAL law to carry a firearm, 2nd Amendment or not. If you are caught, lose your 2nd Amendment rights forever. Yes, the laws are UNConstitutional. But.....if I want to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights, I need to play by the rules...and they currently state I need a piece of plastic.

Here in Texas, you don't register your gun, and you don't need to own a gun to get a CHL. EVERY class I checked out offers rental no one knows if I rented a gun or used one I personally owned (or borrowed. Because...yeah, I had a gun, but I ran about 300 rounds thru it, and it just didn't fit my hand, so I sold it at the next gun show. Haven't replaced it yet, sorry!)

1a. Carrying concealed: Men have it easy. Inside waistband holster, and they're good to go. Women...not so much. Cornered Cat has a bunch of suggestions - go there. She's said it already. But.

I don't agree with Purse carry. It's not always on my body, and can be snatched easily. If someone grabs my purse, and I'm using it to carry, handgun is GONE. (And please don't say that you NEVER leave your purse unattended. Grocery shopping is a prime example - and I'm guilty of it, too. Get to the store, grab a cart, and plunk my purse in the seat. I'll leave it there while I pull stuff out of the freezer section....and my kids? Aren't watching it, they're talking to each other, or grabbing other groceries. There's a time and place for purse-carry, but it's not for full-time use. IMO, of course. :wink:)

I'm thinking of a belly-band, because it makes the most sense *to me*. The "flash-bang" bra....not even. I've yet to find a bra that has enough room for *me*, let alone me AND a handgun. do you access it in an emergency without flashing everybody? No....I'll stick with some sort of waist-carry. (Thigh carry, if you can find a secure holster, has the same problem - I don't want to flash people. Even in an emergency, y'know?) I have time to decide - we haven't even taken our class yet. :grin:

2. Revelation: Been reading and thinking about this. IF we're here (hope not, but I try to plan ahead, y'know)...well, things are going to suck, and mightily. The 4th bowl/vial is when the sun is permitted to burn people with fire. (The 4th shofar is when 1/3 of the sun burns out. NOT fun, either, but not as bad as the bowl/vial Judgement). From what I read, the whole Earth is toast (pardon the pun) at this point - it doesn't matter WHERE you live, it'll be affected. (Yes, the Lord will protect His own. Still...) This may be why we're still here, and haven't moved anywhere (we're willing, but the Lord hasn't told us to go. So...we stay. He put me *here*, anyway, so I'm OK with staying.) Again, hope we're not here for it...but.....we might be. So, I'm trying to think ahead. With limited success.

3. Sabbath practices: For the past month of so, I've felt like I need to do *more*. We already do the candles, the fine china, the linen tablecloth.....but we all come to the table "as-is". I've always felt that He doesn't care what we this has been an issue for me, because I've been feeling that I need to dress up more. :scratches head: So...I've been working on a dress. Folkwear 107- the Afghan Nomad dress. LOVE it....but my "prototype" doesn't fit. :bangs head: I was SO careful - I cut out the Large size (even though, by their own measurements, I should be a Medium)....and my shoulders are too broad. I think I have a solution...add a 2" strip of one of the fabrics to the side of the bodice, on both sides....but I need to think a little more.

What makes it worse? I carefully sewed each seam, then went back and SERGED them. :bangs head: So...I have to undo the sleeves, both sewn seam AND serged seam. :sigh: Later. It's in time-out right now.

Hope everyone is having a good Hanukkah! Hag Samech!!

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