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1. Anna, I have watched the first 3 minutes or so of that video - I just *can't* watch the full thing, for some reason. I'm going to try again today (with headphones this time - maybe it's got something to do with the noise-level in this house?), because I would like to see it. But......he's claiming to be Mayan? Because if so, well.....there ARE no "Mayan" any more. (Which is what bugged me the first time I tried to watch it). It's like claiming to be a Canaanite - they're gone now. You might have a touch of their blood....but not enough to call yourself "Canaanite" (or "Mayan" :wink:) Yes, it's nit-picky......and I need to get over it.

2. Dress: I added 2, 2" strips to the bodice. It fits now (we won't discuss WHERE the strips fall, OK? :wink:)...but I didn't gather the skirt properly so it's off. However, I know what I need to do on the "real" one (1 color skirt, instead of 2, add the width to the bodice and waist band as I'm cutting it out, and stick with 2 colors in the bodice instead of 3. It'll look more "clothing-like" instead of "garb-like"). This one will make a nice knock-about-the-house-dress (as opposed to "house dress", which it is NOT.)

3. Firearms: After a LOT of thought, and discussion with guys at numerous gun stores (because I don't trust 1 opinion from a dude trying to sell me something :wink:), I think we're going to go (eventually) with a 9mm for me. Glock, of course (hey, if it's good enough for Israel, it's good enough for *me*!).....probably the compact as opposed to the sub-compact (the sub has more recoil than the compact...and there's not much difference in size. 1/2" at the most in barrel length, and NONE in the grip, because I'll have to add the extension so there's a place for my pinky. :lol:) We discussed .38....and most of the guys think that it's a little too much for my wrist. (I asked about .45....and got laughter. Apparently, that's WAY too much power for me. :lol:

3a. Carry: Under-the-shoulder won't work for me - I have too in the way. Believe me, I've tried - it either "prints" too much, or gives me a lopsided uni-boob. The "flash-bang" We're still looking at IWB holsters (but with sweats....not sure that's going to work) and belly-bands (Pistolwear's PT-1 or -2)....but again, I have time. :grin:

4. Life: 20 degrees this AM. Cold enough to kill the hoppers and scorpions.....and cold enough to freeze ME. :brr: The wood stove is going full-force.....and it's STILL cold. Ah, well - no complaints. I'd rather the bugs be dead.

Gotta get cracking.......laters!

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