Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Weekly Wrap-up

Or something. Since I like alliteration. :lol:

Weigh-in: 189.5. :happy dance: I bought Tony Horton's "10 Minute Trainer" for SG for Hannukah; it arrived Monday. *I* started it Tuesday...he started it yesterday. (Yeah, I don't get it either.) I am trying very hard to not laugh at him....but he complains more than *I* do. :snicker: It's NOT an easy workout - it IS 10 minutes of non-stop, very fast movement. I'm glad we started with this...there's NO WAY SG could do any of the other, more-traditional workouts. (Yes, he's out of shape. Badly. Worse than I was, if truth be told. He NEEDS's just getting him to DO it that's going to be the problem.) I'm hoping that if I keep it up, he'll be......forced by pride to keep up, too. :fingers crossed:


1. My husband, who is a good sport. He's complaining, but at least he's DOING the workout. Mostly. :lol:

2. Family: enough said. :grin:

(Yes, it's short - I don't want to strain for this, I want to be "real" about this. I'm thankful for more, of course! - but these are on the top of the list right now.)


Anna, I did finally slog thru the video. Um. It's...interesting. Not sure what I feel about it...except that because it's from Devorah, I have doubts. (Because she's been wrong before - and never acknowledged that she was wrong. It's not that she WAS wrong, it's that she ignored that she was, if that makes sense. So I don't put a lot of stock in her posts anymore.....but I also admit I may be wrong in that. I'm trying to keep an open mind here.) one point he says something about numerous "holes" in the Earth...each 50 meters in diameter. OK......I know of a few sinkholes...but he implied/said that there were lots more than that.....but we don't know about them? :confused: (And that might be a translation problem.)

Ali, not sure it's the same guy, but it sounds like it. I'm ok with some pseudo-science - we don't know everything, after all! - I'm still digesting it (see above for why I have a problem with him).

School: This is our last full week of the year. The kids go to Granny's this weekend, but I'm not going to pick back up until after the New Year. Herself is totally done with Discovering Mathematics 2A/B; Himself is 2 weeks behind her. We'll be starting 3A in I'm giving them a break for now.

I have more bouncing around in my head, but I have work to do....laters!

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