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Long day....

Had to take Himself to the doc today for 4 shots. He was *not* amused.

We dropped off Herself at the daycare, ran home for a quick nap for me (I knew I'd need it later!), got the oil changed, then hit PetSmart (for fish stuff and horse stuff), then the doc, then Thrall-Mart........stopped for a short, quick lunch, then went to the Kindergarten to give them the updated shot records. He was most impressed with the school - they have a way cool foyer with a wooden train (life size), hollow tree (ditto), clubhouse...all sorts of fun stuff. Most of them have computers or some sort of learning center built in. He was dazzled and ready to start school *now*.

We made a couple more stops - I got the *cutest* capris at the Dollar Store (if you've never shopped in one - go. Yes, the stuff's cheap - but it's also inexpensive, and so far most of the stuff has lasted.) for our beach vacation in June. (They match the swim suit I got at Thrall-mart......ugh. I hate swimsuits!) Also got a new Bob the Builder video for Himself and 2 puzzles for Herself.

Grabbed Herself from the daycare, then went out to eat (I was *way* too tired to cook!), hit the Pharmacy for Himself's daily meds, grabbed a few groceries....then home. Where I promptly fed the animals, grabbed the Kubota, and mowed the front yard.

I'm Tired!!
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