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Friday Follies.....


Previous Entry Friday Follies..... Dec. 14th, 2012 @ 10:56 am Next Entry
Today is a busy day. It's Shabbat prep day, plus it's get the kids packed up for Granny's day, AND it's got to go shop for dinner day (I'm out of things to fry, but Hannukah isn't over yet. :lol:)

Calvin is back in with the bucks, and Hobbs is in with his harem. Fun stuff.....pissed off cashmere does are funny to watch - poor Hobbs is getting bashed around. :snicker:

Rosetta Stone is running a SALE - all 5 levels (of any language! INCLUDING Hebrew!) is only $324 with Promo Code: Santa175 - AND it includes free 2-day shipping, AND you can use their easy payment plan (20% down, and 4 monthly payments of 20%).

Looks like it's only good thru tomorrow (but that might just be the free shipping - I can't tell.) I just got the email this morning. You have to go directly thru Rosetta Stone......is it worth it? I can say yes - because we *are* learning. Just not as quickly as I would like. Total immersion sounds good...but when you don't know the difference between "HE has..." and "SHE has....", it makes things very confusing. (I found Flash cards for Rosetta Stone Hebrew - FREE on Quizlet!!!!! It's making things easier for us!!)

It IS expensive....but for Hebrew, you really need SOMETHING that you can see AND hear. RS includes a "writing" portion, which is a bit lame but works. You can have up to 5 users on the Regular Edition (not sure about the Homeschool Edition - we didn't get that one. It's not that much more expensive, but we didn't think we needed the extra worksheets. :shrug:) You CAN put it on more than 1 computer (which is a way to get around the 5 users thing :wink:)....I'm not sure of the "restrictions".....but if you don't use the online portion (we don't), then there's no way to verify HOW many of you are using it (the online portion sounds good....but after 3 months it's a Per-Month charge. No way, no how - I paid ENOUGH for the blasted program; I don't want to be forced to continue paying!) (Oh, and it comes with a smartphone app...which is only good as long as you use the online portion. They don't tell you that.....:sigh: It's a good app - it's basically the same thing as the vocab. portion of the full RS - but again, it's not worth the monthly surcharge.)

Hebrew has 5 levels....it looks like you can count it as 2 years of High School language if you do all 5 levels. It's too light in grammar to count as a full 4 years - but that's not why we chose it. We wanted to learn God's language...and RS is helping us do that. :nods:

Don't want to spend that much? Look for apps for your smartphone/device - I have...ummm....8 at last count. Some aren't speaking ones - one is just an English to Hebrew translator - but they were all under $15/each. U-talk is one of the better ones, but it's very very very light (you can also get a full program version.....but again, it's very light compared to Rosetta Stone.)

Anyway, just wanted to share the joy - this IS a good price for Rosetta Stone, but it IS still expensive. Would I do it again, for a different language? Yes. We're far from fluent, but the 3 of us can cobble simple sentences together, and make each other understand them. So...that's something. :grin:

Shabbat Shalom!

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