Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm dreaming of a...

wet Giftmas.......they claim we'll get up to 2" of snow, but.....we'll see. It's been raining off and on since about 4:30 this morning, and the temp has dropped over 10* since 6.

I know it's only Tuesday, but we'll be out grocery shopping tomorrow, so I might as well post the weigh-in today:

189. That's another .5 pounds gone. :happy dance: Looks like the 10-Minute Workout thingy is doing *something* - Herself told me Saturday evening that I was looking "good". :snicker:

Here's a well-written post on why a weapons ban will NOT work - it's written by a NPR-loving, gun-totin' Dem. What *I* like about it? He lays out what "assault" weapons are NOT - which a lot of gun-fearing people don't know. :sigh: (My feelings? Get rid of the "Gun-Free Zones", because that just tells criminals/crazy people that "Hey! Here's a spot where you'll have the only gun! Have fun for the 8-10 minutes it takes Law Enforcement to arrive!") (And did anyone outside of Texas see that a Jared's was robbed AT GUNPOINT a few days ago? Jared's posts all their stores with "No Guns". :snicker: Guess the robbers didn't see those, huh?)(And and, Texas has specific signs that MUST be posted in order to be legally enforced. Most places post "gun-buster" signs, which mean NOTHING to licensed concealed-carry people. In Texas, you have to use the "ugly" sign, and it must be in specific language and a specific size. Just a FYI. Jared's posts the ugly signs.)

I received a LOVELY present yesterday - a quilled piece of wall art. Normally, all hand-made art goes in the Studio...but this one won't. I want it where I can admire it every day....I don't spend all day in the Studio, but I spend a lot of time in the Family Room. I just need to figure out *where* would be the best spot to display's *gorgeous*!

We need to look for a new oven.....Friday evening I had a lovely steak dinner planned. As usual, I set up the top oven to "broil", then started getting the steaks ready. I saw "flickers"....and the broiler was shooting sparks. :freak out: So I turned it off, and set up the bottom oven....which at one point *caught the steaks on fire*. :big freak out: The oven - not the broiler - seems to be working, but I'm all panic-y now, so we'll be replacing it with the IRS refund. :sigh: (The steaks were salvageable.....but STILL.) I HATE having to replace appliances, because they ain't cheap - and free-standing double ovens are less cheap than normal ovens. (And SG is insisting that I get another double oven, even though we don't use both ovens all the time.)

We've renamed Penny - she is now, and forever more, going to be known as "Tigger". It fits her much better. :lol:

Herself got a few craft books for Hanukkah - one of which was a "beaded bug" one. She's gone NUTS. I have beaded butterflies, moths, and beetles all OVER place, as well as parts of them. :snicker: I'm hoping she doesn't get into quilling - it's beautiful, and I LOVE the effect, but I really, really, REALLY don't need more craft supplies scattered around the house. :lol: (The problem is that now, instead of focusing on *1* thing, she's multi-crafting. So that I have a house-full of half-finished stuff all over the place. I don't mind the crafting, really, but I do mind the crochet/beading/knot-work/origami/quilting projects piled on the sofa and coffee table. Oh, and the acrylic paint, because some of the stuff "needs" to be painted, too. Oy!)

Herself is baking cookies right now - they'll make a nice dessert. Menu today: Chicken and Steak fajitas. :yum!:

Have a great day, y'all!

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