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Busy, busy day....

we hit WAY too many stores today, but grocery shopping has been achieved. Mostly. Still need to pick up SG's coffee, but I have to hit Starbuck's for that - they grind it perfectly for his espresso maker. Or something.

I found out something....disturbing the other day. On one of the (many..MANY) forums I lurk on, someone posted that the American History books used by most of the nation (and approved by TX....since we are the largest purchaser of textbooks, how Texas goes, so goes the Nation) have subtly indicated that the Boston Tea Party was an act of domestic terrorism. WTH???!!!! I pulled out our book (Yes, I use textbooks. I want to make sure we cover everything, I do add in living books as I find them. Our library system here SUCKS....and I have EVERYTHING up thru 12th grade. If we fall off the fiscal cliff and money is worthless, my kids can still be educated, because I am ready. :lol:) and skimmed's very very subtle. And I don't like the spin they put on the BoR, either - the 1st Amendment they go on and on (and ON) about freedom of speech, while glossing over the other important things (religion, anyone?) and the 2nd...they focus on "militia". NOT on the right for civilians to bear arms. It's.....very slick, but it's an obvious bias, and I don't like it one bit (NO, I didn't notice before - I was so happy I found an American History book in my price range that I only glanced at it. I know better, Now.) (If you've bought an American History's "The American Journey" by Glencoe. It's not *horrible*, but I really am tired of having to counteract some of the agenda and propaganda. :sigh:)

Anyway. I started the hunt for a new curriculum, because we will be doing American History next year (in 6 months or so). A lot of the popular HS books are.....well, some of them are factually INcorrect. :sigh: (The "biggest" favorite is Joy Hakim's "History of US"...and there's a lot wrong there, from what I've read. Starting with her Ancient History overview, thanks.)

I narrowed it down to 2: Notgrass's "America the Beautiful" (written for 6th grade, but Himself HATES History. I need something "friendly", and a 6th grade reading level is) and Bright Idea Press's "All American History". AAH is by the same publisher as "Mystery of History", which both kids are enjoying, so it had the edge.....and then I found samples of both. :rubs hands:

I had both kids read the samples. Herself doesn't care - she likes History, so ANYTHING works. Himself said both were OK, but the 2nd one was marginally better. AAH won - so last night I started the bargain hunting. OY.

$200 for the complete set from the publisher. :blink: I scored it on ebay for $ I added an extra student activity book - no more photocopies! That'll save some $$$$ on this end, because....well, I make a LOT of copies. I don't normally let them write in books, because I like to pass them on, but this time.....this time, I went for easy.

I think I'm back on track now. Of course, once MOH comes out with Vol. 4 I'll be spending more $$$...but if they are slow, it's OK. AAH supposedly includes World happenings, so they'll get it that way if nothing else. :grin:

Oh, and we DID get a "white" Giftmas. If you count dustings, which our news media does. They were in full "Winter Alert!" mode this morning...for NOTHING. No ice, NO weather-related problems.......silly sheeples. :sigh:

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