Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Whole lotta nothin' going on.....

Let's see.....

1. Finished the Purim placemats! That means I have every Feast taken care of except Shavuot. (Because I'm a dork, that's why - I don't know WHY I forgot it; we celebrate it every year. :bangs head:) I bought a yard of fabric online last night, so I'll whip them up and be good to go. Pictures when I get those done.

2. Spent 2 hours this AM working on lesson plans. I have everything pretty much laid out until Passover - the stuff I know we'll get done is all on the plan; the other stuff (like Math) isn't, but I know what needs to go where. I also finally put the TeenCoder stuff ON THE PLAN, to make sure it actually *gets* done. :grumble:

2a. Spent another hour or so getting MY notebook in order. That's the brains of our school - I have all the Lesson Plans there, all the assignments, any worksheets, and a lot of the "extras" (like reading schedules). I *could* school without it, but I don't wanna. :lol: A lot of the basic planning stuff is there, ready to be dropped onto the right square in my weekly lesson plan grid. Sure makes life a lot easier!

3. Goats are nuts. Inara's been a brat the past month or so, not wanting to come in to be milked. Kinda stupid, since she gets FED there. :rolls eyes: Today, Risky decided SHE didn't want to be milked....but she forgot about SG. He's strong enough to man-handle her up onto the stand. :sigh: We're still getting about 1 gallon/day from the 4, so I won't complain too much. :grin:

4. Ali, I need you to email me the....thingy for your blog post, if you want. :grin:

5. Not much else to report. I'm trying to make more placemats for everyday use, and I'd like to start sewing more clothing for me (fabric is cheaper than the ready-to-wear crap that's out there). Right now, though, it's too damn cold in the Studio to do anything! (51* at 5 PM Friday. Not freezing, no, but too cold for ME. :shiver:)

5a. Oh! Speaking of the Studio, I've figured out what I want to do in there to organize it better. I need to find some salvaged cabinets - I want to put cabinets under the "Science" table, scoot it down, and put 1 cabinet over the end near the water heater (to sorta make like a kitchen area. Sorta. The tabletop will extend to about halfway down the window, if I've measured right.) Put another cabinet down near Kate (the dressmaker's dummy) with a piece of countertop extending towards the table, and a set of drawers under the other end (to make a larger sewing table). Run more cabinets over the fridge and freezer, drop in another pantry, and I *think* we'll be good on space. Of course, now I need to find the cabinets......

Gotta skitter - there's lunch to be made, and books to be put up.

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