Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's raining....

and has been for 24 hours now, and is supposed to for another 24. Praise God! We NEED this so badly! Yes, it's wet and squishy and muddy and mucky, but I don't care - it's RAINING!!!

Weigh-in: 189. Boo-ya! I'm aiming for 170.....that's right at 2 pounds per month. Should be do-able. :nods:


Spent 2 hours yesterday making a circular needle holder. I've wanted one for years...but. I just can't spend $40 on something that's so simple to make. I had a bunch of fabric that my MIL gave me, so for $0 and 2 hours (because I had to re-thread the serger and do my daily Hebrew lesson), I have a nice hanging holder. Photos forthcoming....I have a lot of things to take photos of. :grin:

I got the Passover coasters set up, just need to sew them. Won't take long....but I want to get the Purim ones set up too, so I can sew them up all at one time.

Trying to find some salvaged cabinets, but not having much luck. I might have to end up buying some....:sigh: I'll keep's not like I'm in a huge rush or anything. At the moment, anyway.

Thankfuls (since I may or may not post tomorrow....):

Rain. Have I mentioned it's been raining?

My kids. They've been SO helpful lately, it's incredible. AND, they haven't complained about our new school schedule - I've added a few things, and ramped up others. So far, so good.

My house. I don't say thank you enough for my lovely house. I tend to take it for granted, and i shouldn't. We are very, very blessed!

Well, I got some cleaning to do before we start school - laters!

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Tags: blather, exercise, thankful

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