Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's been a wild week so far....

Let's see.....wet and rainy over the weekend. Sunday we did school (it's a work week), and Monday was pretty normal. COLD, but normal.

Tuesday? We had thunder-snow, sleet, and rain. The roads were AWFUL. 2+ hours to make it into work - normally it's right at 1 hour. Slick, icy, freezing and nasty. The trip home wasn't too bad...but it wasn't FUN, either. Stopped at the post office, then had to run to New Bank to open an account - our branch is closing, and we've decided that it's just not worth driving 35 miles every time we need to do some banking. 45 minutes later, I have a new account - needed, since I got the kids' 1099s, and filed their returns last night. (Heads up; the IRS isn't going to start processing refunds until 1/30/13.)

I thought today would be "normal". HA! We milked, then I laid out all the school books...and SG called. He had left his work bag at home....and could we maybe run them to his office? He'd buy us lunch....oh, and be there by 11, as he had an afternoon meeting. This was at 9......we'd have to leave at 10 to be there by we did TorahClass and boogied. :sigh: Tomorrow will be a full day....

Anyway. I'm on the 2nd pattern motif of SG's hat. I have the Shavuot placemats all cut out, but ran out of the contrast fabric, so can't finish them until next week. Haven't been sleeping all that well - weird dreams. (We win the lotto, and I'm being the open-handed "monarch". Don't like that - *I* give because Yah has given to me, NOT for applause, but in my dreams? It's all about the "fame". Not sure what's up with that....but I do NOT like it. :sigh:) Wrist is all buggy, so can't knit today...and I'm still COLD.

And....the weather is supposed to start up again tonight. More thunder-snow, sleet, and rain. Should be FUN. Not! At least *I* am not planning on going anywhere - just stayin' home and getting stuff done. :nods:

Oh, and I didn't weigh-in this AM, but I'm pretty sure (going by my morning weigh-ins all week) that I'm still sitting at 189/190. :sigh: Need to figure out what's going least my waist is 2" smaller!

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Tags: blather, exercise, knitting

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