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Random blather...

1. Anna posted a thing about the school shooting, and how things didn't add up. I agree.....and wanted to add a few things - but started to blog her comments, so I took a few days to try and get my thoughts in order.

a. WHY haven't we seen any photos of the damage to the building? Friday AM there was a domestic issue in Dallas, and "19 bullets were fired!" The cameraman lingered over views of the outside of the home, showing the bullet holes in the walls and windows. Why didn't we get that with the school?

b. WHY were the bodies left in the school for HOURS, and not removed until after dark (and, incidentally, AFTER most of the news crews had packed it up for the night?) When my 1st husband was killed in our barn, the ME came out, took 1-2 hours to do his thing, then the body was removed and the police took over their "investigation" (Don't ask. They didn't, I had to demand an inquest, and it was Not Fun.), which took another 2 hours or so. It doesn't take THAT long to take photos and measurements, and common decency demands that the bodies be removed as soon as possible.

c. WHY were there NO INJURIES? There were "hundreds of shell casings" (meaning hundreds of shots fired, right?) and yet - only 26 deaths. NO collateral damage. Folks, THIS one has me totally puzzled - NYC's finest isn't even THAT good (just google 'em. Latest one was something like 20 civilians wounded, and the suspect wasn't hit AT all. And NYC's "finest" are PROFESSIONALS. Not loner gamer-dudes.) Um. In "active shooter" simulations (which is a fancy way of saying "point your gun at the target and pull the trigger as fast as you can"), accuracy goes WAY down....and you hit more than just the paper target. Hundreds of rounds, and yet every hit was fatal?

c1. Why did no one in the school attempt CPR/First Aid? The incident was over pretty quickly, by all accounts.....and yet no one tried to DO anything? That's........never mind.

d. The shooter supposedly shot out the front door to gain entry. EVERY school I've ever been in has the front office right by the front door. You mean to tell me that NO ONE in the office saw the guy/heard the shots? Because the only front-office person to die was the principal, and she supposedly died trying to save kids. :scratches head:

There's more...but I'm confused. Not only did the story change DRASTICALLY from Friday to Monday evening, but the "official" story doesn't make sense. Not to mention how fast they got anti-2nd Amendment bills on the floor - they'd been waiting for something like this to happen. *I* don't want to think that maybe this was planned....but if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck....(Oh, and the parents NEVER saw the bodies, if I'm reading things right. How the hell does that work - I had to go and ID DH#1 (only, I didn't - my BIL did. I just....I couldn't.) - they NEVER release the bodies from the ME without positive ID from a relative. But in this case, it looks like they did?) Agree or disagree, but you gotta admit some of these things are odd.

:deep breath:

Anyway. It's been quiet around here. I'm about half-way thru the 2nd set of motifs on SG's hat. Yes, I need to take pictures. I a bit. :grin: I'm about half-way down the leg of SG's 2nd sock. I have the Shavuot placemats cut out, but I ran out of the contrast fabric and need to get more before sewing them up.

Weight is holding steady, but I've tightened up around the waist. :happy dance:

Herself and I gathered more firewood Friday - mom came over and said that they had cut trees around the utility lines. Free wood is Good!

We dried Inara up yesterday - she just quit giving milk. No biggie - the other 3 gave me a half-gallon this morning, so I'd say we're OK in the dairy department. I'll be drying Zoe and Risky up in March - Annie will be milked thru again.

The kids are cleaning out SG's shop today - he's off thru Wednesday, and wants to get some work done. :snicker: First on his list is my pantry door (it's only been, what? A year?!?) then he wants to build me cabinets to shut me up about my studio. We'll see...I'm still watching CraigsList for salvaged ones.

I started teaching a Unit on the Constitution today (we have a Field Trip planned this week, but I couldn't cut a day out of our schedule, and I can't teach AND do this trip on the same day, so we started this week early. That way, "losing" a day won't matter.) - we'll see how they do. It's intense - 40 lessons, and they're pretty deep. But I want my kids to KNOW their Rights (before they lose any more. :sigh:)

Think that catches you up on my random stuff. (Oh, Ali, I've been leaving comments, but they're not showing up. Is my iPad eating them?)

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