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Yesterday was Field Trip day. We went to the Perot Museum - Mom had helped me buy a Charter Membership in December.

Short and sweet: WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

Longer: Totally cool! It's set up in a neat way - you go in, and (if you follow the "plan"), you ride up an escalator to the 4th floor (top floor!). There, you start out in the Astronomy section (This is how stars are born! This is the wave length of light! This is.....totally cool!). From there, you head into the Archeology section - with TONS of fossils and casts. The jewel of the collection is the ONLY complete fossil of the Alamosaurus, which, so far, is the only "native" Texas dinosaur. (If I understood things correctly. You gotta understand, things got blurry after a while, there is SO MUCH to see!) There's also a lot of stuffed creatures - was the 3 ground squirrels. 2 were in....normal-ish positions (1 standing, 1 sitting on his back legs); the other......well. Um. I need to get the photo of Herself's camera, but imagine a 70's era dude sitting in a hot tub. Yes, really. "Hey ladies. I'm your man! C'mon in!" TOO funny!

Then you go down the stairs to the 3rd floor, which is basically Earth Science. Dirt, Rocks, Minerals (the Hall of Minerals is TOTALLY AWESOME!) - and, this being Texas, there's a whole section on the Oil and Gas Industry, with a foray into Alternative Energy (the Plasma Reactor was totally cool....heck, the entire museum was!). Lots of hand-on stuff in each area - we got to "build" a bird on the 4th floor, for example, and you could build your own dinosaur, too. We got to work a Farraday machine - Himself managed to create as much energy as is in 1 drop of oil - and.....well, I'm blanking, but there was a LOT.

And there was 3 ISDs there, we skimmed the other 2 floors. :sigh: After the 15th loud SQUEALfest over the "Make your own Tornado" machine, I had to get out of there. That was the only downer - too damn many out-of-control school kids. I can't blame them their excitement - this is 1 Awesome museum - but the out-of-control aspect needs to be looked at and addressed.

The 2nd floor is the "Technology" floor. Robots and artificial limbs and earthquake-proof buildings. Too bad we kept getting shoved aside by rude kids. :big sigh:

The first floor has a dino fossil in the atrium, and H2O molecules on the ceiling that move as you walk under them. And the gift shop. (I came home with a Galileo thermometer). There's also a floor under the whole building, where the children's area and traveling exhibits are. With piano-keyboard stairs. :grin:

We'll be going back, for sure - we only scratched the surface, and there's SO MUCH to see and do there! I'm also budgeting so I can keep our membership, because....well, just because. :lol:

Weightloss: 189.5. Did so much walking yesterday that I didn't sleep - my legs cramped all night long (and today, but.....:sigh:)


1. Family. My kids are the best!

2. The opportunity to do stuff like we did yesterday - fun AND educational.

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