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Just got back from a hike - there's a small park just outside of town, with 2 lakes on it. We took Snips and hiked all the way around 1 lake, and partway around the other. 1.5 hours......I'm feeling good, not tired, and not stiff or sore. :win!: Snips is sound asleep on the floor. :lol:

I need to re-think Herself's Math. :sigh: DM 3A is just kicking her butt. Normally, I'd make her keep trying, but there's only so many times I can teach the same topic, y'know? (Quadratic Equations again - this time, solving them by completing the square. She just can NOT comprehend it - she's not faking, she's not trying to get out of it, she simply does NOT understand ANY of it.) I figure, she's NOT college-bound (there's.....realistically, she's not cut out for any type of college, unfortunately. MAYBE an Art School......but they'd have to make a lot of accommodations for her. *I* make them automatically, because I know her, and I'm used to her...idiosyncrasies, but I don't think a faceless school would be as forgiving. (No, I'm not sheltering her, and No, I'm not being "mean". It's just the way it is. I'm hoping to get her to a point where she *could* live on her own....but it's going to take a LOT. And she has to want to learn the things......and right now, she doesn't.)

I'm thinking some sort of consumer-type Math. Anyone out there got any suggestions? I'd like a "real" book, because Texas requires 4 years of High School Math, and I want to have a plan to follow. Checkbook balancing, budgets - that sort of thing. Websites would work, if they have a checklist to follow - I work in accounting, so I feel qualified to teach this stuff, but I want to make sure I don't miss anything. (Plus, I do better with a textbook in front of me. Even if I add to it. :wink:) (Anna, I have you to thank for this - your posts have made me really LOOK at what she needs. Himself, I'll have tag-along. :wink:)

Speaking of Anna's current 5th grade teacher spent an entire semester teaching us how to write checks, balance checkbooks, set up a basic budget...and I am ETERNALLY grateful to him for that. Otherwise, I'd have been clueless when I got my first job/got out on my own. Thanks to him, I've been able to go almost my whole life without any overdrafts (just once, when I made a mathematical error; I've since learned how to double-check my balances.). AND - he was adamant about NO CREDIT CARDS. I failed that for a while, but I am happy to say that *I* have no credit cards at all. (SG, on the other hand....we're working on it. I had him all paid off last year, but Mike and co. kinda threw a wrench into that. :sigh:)

Anyway, I need recommendations, please! She wants to do Art, so I need to make sure she knows how to track her expenses/profits and can budget accordingly. Yes, I can teach her this stuff, but - again! - I do better if I have a "plan of action" laid out in front of me that I can check off. ("Do the next thing" is my favorite way of planning. I LOVE sitting down with the textbooks and dropping each day's bit on my lesson plan. So nice and tidy! :lol:)

Oh! Our town had a *Gun Show* this weekend (if you want to call it that. :snicker:) $5 to get into the County Fair building (yes, 1). Maybe...25 tables. All the handguns were WAY overpriced; most of the rifles, too. There was 1 guy with shotguns that were reasonable. Ammo was WAY WAY WAY overpriced (seriously, $40 for 15 rounds of 9mm. Academy sells 50-round boxes for $9.99, when they can get it. :blink: I think the last hollow-points I saw (at our "local" gun store) were $25 for 20)

Not much else going on. We've made it to Unit 2 of Rosetta Stone (and they throw you in the deep end! The first lesson - the "core" - was HARD! All 3 of us made 88's on it......not bad, but not the 95+ we've been doing.)

Catch ya later!

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