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:whew!: x2

Hey, guys - thanks for the ideas/links! Yes, Accounting is considered math here in TX - they call it "Business Math", I think. I'll have to look into apprenticeships/internships for Herself....I guess she needs to think about *what* she wants to do, in relation to Art, and go from there.

I made it thru Calculus in HS - by the skin of my teeth. I was OK at first, but as things got harder, I kinda lost it. :sigh: I've NEVER used any of it (or the Analyt or Trig!), so I'm not worried about her...but she needs to be strong in basic Arithmetic, and she's not. :big sigh: (And Himself? Is eating Singapore 3A for lunch - I start explaining the lesson to him, and he's already worked the first 2 problems. :shakes head ruefully:)

I decided to use my HSLDA membership - I emailed their curriculum help desk, and asked for suggestions. I've gotten a response, with some good recommendations (I'm leaning towards A Beka's "Consumer Math" at the moment), AND they forwarded my question to the Special Needs desk. So.....I hope to be able to start her in her new math course soon.

Today has been weird. Before breakfast, I had reorganized the Master Bath linen closet, and started reorganizing the MB closet. I tossed 3 bags of clothes (I've decided to replace my worn-out clothes with stuff I LIKE, not just stuff that was OK at the store.). Herself has stripped her bed and is doing her 3rd load of laundry. :scratches head: Not sure *what's* going on, but that's OK - stuff is getting done.

AND.....Himself actually *enjoyed* our writing assignment today! He's my reluctant writer - getting him to put pencil to paper is a Battle Royale - but today? Today he was all smiles and chatter and fast-moving pencil. Why? Well....

SG has been all gung-ho to get a family D&D campaign going. Both kids have jumped on this idea like ticks on a dog.....and Himself has had a blast coming up with his character (a Half-Elf Wizard). (Naming his wizard was a battle, but we got'er done. Finally!)

So, I decide that today's writing assignment would be the back-story on their characters. (I also participated - my character is an Elven Archer-Ranger. Fun!). Herself, of course, has an elaborate back-story, and jumped right in. Himself's isn't as elaborate, but he put thought into it, AND had no problems in getting those thoughts onto the page. :happy dance:

Now I need to come up with other assignments similar to this one.....:lol:

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