Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I've been running around...

like a chicken with it's head cut off. :sigh: Our refund hit today; after school it's been non-stop - I had to pay our property taxes, get the kids their share (they can't learn to handle money if they don't *have* any money to handle, right?), mail off some other bills, and I had to meet the exterminator. :whew:

Herself asked me if I could find the Wagner DVD I've spent a bit of time on-line trying to find the best deal (eBay. And it's still almost $100! :gasp: Still...culture. ASKED for by the kid. :grin:) And I'm looking for a new-to-us sofa and loveseat...since Kenzie has EATEN the couch. Again. :bangs head: (And a new sewing table.......because I NEED to get the studio in shape. It's better - Monday, Herself helped me move the armoire out of the game/music room, and now the soaping stuff is behind closed doors, as is some of the "loose" stuff. :sigh: Need more storage space, though - hence the need for a decent sewing cabinet/table with drawers. To un-clutter that area.)


Got Herself's Consumer Math books today - they look interesting. I'm kinda surprised that Abeka managed to put chrischun beliefs in a MATH book, but that's OK. I can deal - if it gets your face, I can edit. She needs this, and Abeka has good reviews, so we'll see. Some of it won't go over well - Ch. 1 is about buying a car, for example. She has NO interest in driving (a good thing, considering....) This is going to be fun....:grin:

We've been painting our D&D minis. Mine and Herself's are done; SG's is half done. Himself hasn't actually started, but says he will "tomorrow" (he just got his mini today, so I'm not upset). Herself and I have been painting some of our NPC minis - i found a platypus wizard, a lemur paladin, and an otter archer. :snicker: And Herself has made us an army of Fimo bunnies (yes, with big nasty pointy teeth! :lol:), with a King Bunny. Just...because. :rofl:

I need to skitter - I gotta get the table cleared off. Laters!

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