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Its a beautiful day!


Previous Entry Its a beautiful day! Feb. 13th, 2013 @ 03:35 pm Next Entry
It's been raining here off and on since Monday. We NEED it, and it's been wonderful - some heavy thunder-boomers, but mostly a soft, gentle, steady rain.

Today has been sunny, which is good - my furniture was delivered at 1. :happy dance: This is the first NEW living room furniture I've had since Himself was 18 months old - and that set was relatively cheap. This set? Very very nice. Taller than our old set, and much firmer. And comfy!

Tomorrow the oven is supposed to be delivered - I hope it comes early. There's some stuff the kids and I want to do - but we can't if we're tied down waiting for a delivery.

Anyway, it's Wednesday. So......nothing's changed. Still hanging out at 190-ish. :sigh: I bought 2 new DVD's at Half-Price.....they make Tony Horton look like a dweeb. :ow ow ow: I think the series is called "10-Minute Solutions".....and they are HARD. Which is good!


1. My new furniture! I am SO glad we had enough refund to purchase them (well, I had to get store credit, but they'll be paid off in 7 months instead of the 36 they gave me.) on top of the oven.

2. The weather! 'nuff said!

3. My kids. They are both SO MUCH better than they were a few years ago - they've finally settled in to the whole home-schooling thing, and they get along SO much better! And there's less arguing (most of the time!) and more actual LEARNING going on. It's.....wonderful.

4. The Lord, who has provided us with SO much! (Yeah, should be first. Always!) He makes sure we always have just what we need - and sometimes what we want, too. It's just....amazing, how He works things out.

I've been sewing a little. Cyn's birthday is 3/9, and she collects owls. To the point that it's hard to FIND stuff that is unique and that she doesn't already have. This year? I found a pattern for owl placemats. :lol: I have 4 done to the point of needing the eyes, then they're finished completely. They're cute! (Yes, yes, I owe y'all lots of pictures. I'm working on it, promise - I just haven't felt like taking the time to upload and edit them. I will......at some point. :lol:)

Gotta skitter - there's a loveseat that needs breaking in! :lol:

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