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1. Anna, you raise some good points; I had considered them, but didn't state them here. So:

a. Yup, the dogs ate the old sofa, and the free one from Cyn's mom. (By dogs, I mean KENZIE.) Since *I* am the one paying for this set, I did a LOT of thinking. Leather won, because it's more durable than fabric, and....I like leather. :grin:

b. I put my foot down - for REAL this time. NO dogs on the furniture. EVER. If the couch is empty, a folding chair gets plopped on it, to keep the dogs off. EVERY time. Even if we're just going out to milk, the couches get protected.

b1. The dogs are actually scared of the leather. They've tried to jump up a few times (even with us yelling at them), and the sound of their paws on the leather seems to bother them. This wasn't anticipated, but I'm running with it.

c. The dogs still have their own couch - my original one. It's in OK shape - it's been slipcovered since it was 6 months old; it's just saggy now. They don't care.......and it works great for them.

d. I've "tested" the dogs - we've been doing leather-work here the past month or so, and I've left scraps down, to see what they'd do. After a few sniffs, they seem to ignore it. They've ignored my leather house-boots, too - although the shearling lining seems to be intriguing.

Yes, it sounds odd on the surface, but I really did do a lot of praying and thinking over this - it wasn't as sudden as my blogging made it appear. We've been talking about new furniture since before Hanukkah - it's just we didn't have the funds to get started on it until last week. Granted, the "new" was unexpected....

2. My oven was delivered yesterday. It's.....a lot different from the original one. We'll get used to it....and at least I have 2 working ovens again!

3. Blather: Herself has become obsessed with the idea of making herself a new cloak - in time for Irish Fest (first weekend in March.) O......K. Only, I don't have any fabric suitable, so she's been driving me insane, asking WHEN can we go to the fabric store, and oh, I HOPE I have enough to buy the fabric, and ... something else... because I NEED a cloak for Irish Fest, and and and and and.... Typical behavior for an Aspie, but we've been on an even keel for so long that this is hard to deal with. I'm hoping today we can take care of this for her.....:sigh:

a. Studio - it's tidy! And nice! And seems to be mouse-free!!!! I'm hoping to spend some time this weekend warping my loom - I NEED to weave. It's been far too long...and I need some new dishtowels. :lol:

It's almost time to start school - Shabbat Shalom!

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