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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy President's Day!

We actually ditched school today (found out that the Public School was in session, so I declared it a holiday :lol: - we'll make it up tomorrow). SG was off; he had gone out early to start picking up firewood (the utility company had been trimming trees off of one of the Farm-to-Markets here), and came back *early*. See, 2 weeks ago, we'd noticed a house had had all their trees trimmed - 4 HUGE piles of wood were stacked neatly on the curb. He thought he'd stop this AM and ask - the homeowner said "Help yourself!" he did.

And we did. 3 truck-loads later, our woodpile is 8' x 4' x 4'. And he wants to get more this weekend.....I don't mind; firewood doesn't expire, and FREE is good.

I don't believe in I'm wondering what the Lord has up His sleeve. This winter has been abnormally mild.....70's today; 30's tonight. No snow......and yet, I have a ton of firewood, and 3 more houses in town have cut their trees. It makes me a little anxious, to be honest - but that's OK, I can take a hint.

And I don't mind gathering wood. Beats burning $0.75 every time I put a log on the fire (the going rate at Wally-world. :shudder:)

This weekend kinda sucked, to be honest. I've been all out-of-sorts....and I ruined 4 yards of fabric yesterday. :sigh: I KNOW how to cut out full-circle skirts, I've done it at least a dozen times....but somehow, yesterday, I decided it wasn't "right". And promptly ruined the fabric. I'm trying to brainstorm a way to salvage it - instead of a smooth curve on the bottom, I have scallops. :sigh: I *think* I've figured out how to get a faux-steampunk bustle-y overskirt out of it, but we'll see. I need to do a little bit more thinking before I start sewing. Just to make sure I've actually figured everything right. :sigh: (And if I have, I need to score some cream lace for the hem. :sigh:)

Today, though, after unloading the 3rd pile of wood, we headed into Dallas. See, last Friday I called in Herself's prescription...Friday we still hadn't received it. I called back in, and got shunted back to the prescription line. Today, I get a call from her doctor's assistant.....seems that someone didn't log in my call. :bangs head: She got the doc to do a 'script, and we had to run in and pick it up - and SG offered to take me to the big JoAnn's out there.

I replaced the fabric....and saw that they had ALL their Simplicity patterns on sale for 5/$5. Yes, Please! $86 worth of patterns for $5!!!!! Herself now has a pattern for her cloak, and I have some new skirt patterns. So...that kinda made up for yesterday.

Hope your weekend was better than mine!

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