Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Mid-Week Blather.....

Let's see.....

1. Spent yesterday whipping up an "infinite gore" skirt. I still can't quite wrap my mind around how 5 yards of fabric will get me a skirt with a 7-yard circumference, works. Himself told me the Math was right.....duh! I mean, *I* cut it out, but it still bends my brain a bit. :shrug: The skirt is lovely, and the color works *perfectly* with my new corset (which arrived today. :huzzah:)

2. Today was spent finishing Cyn's b-day prezzie - I had to sew the faces on all the placemats. I need to figure out my machine - for some reason, it's decided that there's only 1 stitch-length, and only 1 zig-zag stitch, no matter that I was using the cams on it. :sigh: Still, I got it done, and they are CUTE. I think I need to make us a set, just because....and I need to go to the designer's website and order the rest of the "set" - she has owl oven mitts, and a tea cozy, and I don't remember what-all else, but I forsee a few more presents out of this! :lol: (And I have a LOT of fabric left, so they'll all match.

3. I also helped Herself cut out her cloak. I'm not sure what's going on; the pattern said she needed 5.25 yards to make the small size. She had 4.75 (+/-) yards. I got the cloak AND hood cut out, and she still has some fabric left (not a lot; but enough for wrist-bands, maybe a belt, a headband, and some coasters. Probably 1/2 yard, all told.) It's too cold in the studio to keep sewing, so I'll help her assemble it when it warms up a bit.

4. Post Office weirdness. I had ordered Dusty a new blanket a couple of weeks ago. It arrived Friday, but after we had checked the mail, so Herself and I picked it up yesterday. The box was beat all to hell, and OPEN....and the clerk told me I might wanna send it back, because I owed postage on it. WHAT? It was sent Priority Mail ("if it fits, it ships!"), and I PAID the amount for that size box....but no, I owed another $24. :whatthe: I paid - because Dusty is too old to deal with cold, it hit 40* last night (and hasn't gotten above 44* today) AND it's going to get colder, and his old blanket got trashed completely by Finn - then went home and emailed the seller. Who is a gem - they promptly refunded the charge, and groused about the box more than I did (seriously, the lady in line behind us commented on the brightness of the blanket, because SHE COULD SEE IT when the clerk handed me the box. I'm surprised the blanket made it here, to be honest.) (And Dusty seems to like it; it's a tie-dyed neon Peace symbol blanket. :lol: Finn isn't sure what to think...he's not quite brave enough to try and bite it...yet. :rofl:)

5. Weigh-in. 190.5. Or 257.5. Take your pick. I think my scale is dying, because I got those 2 readings within minutes of each other. (And I KNOW I am not over 200. None of my clothes would fit if I were!)

6. Have I said how thankful I am for the firewood? Because.....I have had the woodstove going since 6 this AM, and it's still going. I'm not so worried about the wood supply now......and I'm *warm*. :happy dance:

7. I'm also thankful for Herself. We finally got her 'script filled yesterday.....but I'm not sure she needs to keep taking it. Both SG and I told her she could try weaning herself off, if SHE felt like it. We'll see. She's matured a LOT in the past few the point that today, after she bombed math (deductibles)...she asked me to explain it to her, then re-worked all the missed problems - WITHOUT me having to tell her to do it! :blink: This is....huge for her. HUGE. And I am SO THANKFUL we've reached this point.

7a. And Himself.....he's hit a wall in Math (Quadratic equations; solving by the square method). Instead of whining (which he would have done a year ago), he asked for help, then actually SHOWED HIS WORK. :bigger blink: His maturity level has also shot up's amazing. And humbling. (And I'm not gonna tell him he's almost out-stripped me in Math. What Singapore has him doing looks suspiciously like beginning Trigonometry to me (the formulas they want you to use, I mean - it looks a lot like some of the stuff I remember.).....I need to start looking into the Community College here and see what they require for dual-enrollment. Because....I don't think I can teach Calculus, and we're about 1 year away from that at our present speed. :shudder: Khan Academy will help....but he's going to need some real-time feedback I think.

7b. Yes, I know where we are prophetically. I realize that we may not be here next year....but I can't use that as an excuse to NOT teach my kids. I know some people in real life that are slacking because they expect to go any time....and while I agree with the "any time", I can't agree on the slacking. I've been given the job of teaching would it look to tell Him "Oh, well....I knew they wouldn't need to know this stuff, so I let them do whatever!". :shakes head: (I can't think like that.....I mean, right now I'm only looking 1 year in advance. He's college material, but I'm not even thinking that far ahead, except in the abstract. IF we're here, I'll worry about it then.)

I need to get some packages out, but it'll be next week. Laters!

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