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I declare this week a Holiday Week....

because of stuff. It's a "work week", so 1 day gone. Herself has a doc. appt, so 1 day gone. SG is off Thursday and 2 days gone. (We can't school effectively when he's home.) So....4 out of 5 days are toast...normally, we school on Sunday when I have to work, but with the other days it just didn't make sense.'s a holiday!

I have a field trip planned for doc. day, and we're going to the park in a few minutes. It's cold, but not freezing, so....I need to walk. :lol:

I spent this AM getting my lesson plans in order for the rest of our year. PlanBook cuts off 5/31/13, so I quit there (didn't want to start a new year......:lol:). EVERYTHING is laid out until then, except for Latin, Math, and Art. Hebrew is done thru 4/15 (I didn't feel like going into Rosetta Stone to grab the lessons; I'll do that when we get closer.) Feels good, knowing where we'll be, and what I need to do, and knowing that everything is pretty much open-and-go for the rest of the year.

AND, since 3/5 is our Homeschooling Anniversary, I thought I'd review our year. Just because.

TorahClass: FANTASTIC. We're still in Genesis, but moving along. The kids are learning, and we've had some good discussions. I need to print out Exodus, but I have time - we won't be finished with Genesis by 5/31 anyway.

History: Mystery of History 3 has been a hit. I really, really like the style, although I wish the author would quit pushing her "altar calls" on you. :sigh: It's HISTORY, not Religious Study. Yes, religion has played a HUGE role in History...but please keep your doctrine to yourself. :bangs head: (I usually catch it before I read it, so I edit it gets old, though......:sigh:) We'll be finished with it in about a month; then it's on to "All American History". Same publisher, but different author. Looks good!

Science: Apologia's Exploring Creation series is still a hit. We're moving along in Physical Science; again, we won't be done by 5/31, but I don't care. (We'll be a few chapters shy of it). The kids like it, the author doesn't shove his doctrine in your face, and the Science seems to be pretty solid. I need to decide what to do next: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Both kids have the math for all 3....need to think about this.

Art: Art Appreciation is going well. Art...not so much. ARTistic Pursuits is, well....BORING. :sigh: I need to figure something out.....:sigh: Himself doesn't like pastels, and Herself has moved way beyond the watercolor assignments in the book.

Latin: Wheelock's is HARD. We're just now in Ch. 5....and moving very slowly. It's OK...we have time. I need to do more vocabulary drills, I think - but the kids are doing OK.

Hebrew: Rosetta weird. Unit 1 wasn't too bad...Unit 2 has kicked all our butts. Still, we're retaining quite a bit, and I've found myself actually thinking the Hebrew words for things, so that's good.

Math: Whoo. Herself is rocking Consumer Math. Himself has met his match - finally. Quadratics are hard - but he finds them fun. :weird kid: :lol: I've slowed him WAY down, to help him really *get* it.

Writing: I suck. I've dropped the ball here....Writing Strands was declared too stupid, and I can't quite get into the BraveWriter mindset. I've been looking.....I've just about decided on Writing with Skill, and we WILL be doing it. It's all laid out for the teacher, with parts-to-whole lessons for the students. Himself needs that's on the list for next payday.

Reading: Again, I suck. Herself devours books like I do, so that's good, but Himself doesn't. Read-alouds failed....I need to work on this. I think I'm going to try to find books that match up with History, and go from there. :sigh:

Geography: Boring, but it's getting done. I can't really ask for more than that - even if I'd like more.

Music: We're doing appreciation, and it's going WELL. Elements of Music is a good book.....and, believe it or not, it's gotten Herself "hooked" on Opera. Yes - OPERA. We have Wagner's Ring Cycle on DVD, and she's been asking to watch it. :blink: EoM has a chapter on Wagner.....and on the Operas of Mozart. I've got "The Magic Flute" in my eBay there's that.

Other: Himself is rocking TeenCoder: Java. Finally! Next up, "Game Master" (or something like that). Herself isn't interested in that, but I'm going to get her started in basic Home Ec. We'll be finished with our Critical Thinking course 5/25...not sure what I'll replace it with. Poetry is going well - we're doing "Concrete Poems" right now. Fun stuff!

I have a bunch of Teaching Company DVD sets that I need to sit down and schedule. And Shakespeare performances. Granted, both kids like Shakespeare...but I want to make sure we see more than just Romeo and Juliet. :wrinkles nose:

Gotta run - it's walkies time!

ETA I have rolled PlanBook over, and input all our core subjects to the end of the books. :whew: soon as I print out Exodus, I'll get it input....but History, Science, Geography, Art Appreciation, and Music is DONE. :happy dance:

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