Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Weekend Re-cap

I am Exhausted. Bone-weary. was a good weekend.

This weekend was Irish Fest. Friday was set-up - we spent 5 hours on our feet on hard concrete. Saturday and Sunday were the Festival itself.....8 - 5 both days, corseted up, most of the time in my spinning chair. Got 2 bobbins full of multi-colored singles...and only had 1 mishap. Stupid parent was ignoring their 2 year old, who decided my wheel was a playtoy. :grrrrrr: Broke the single and tangled it around the flyer shaft. :sigh: 15 minutes to get it straightened out. The bulk of the other kids were well-mannered. Mostly.

I didn't intend to shop....but. Herself will be 16 in June. I had been planning on it being an "Art" birthday - all art supplies. She's gotten really into jewelry-making lately, so I have been pricing wire, and gemstones, and the like....I had NOT planned on doing anything "big", even though this IS her "sweet sixteen".

Well. SG and I visited our favorite jeweler.....he deals in hand-crafted celtic-themed pieces in silver and semi-precious gems. (I have a BEAUTIFUL bracelet from him - a triangle piece of turquoise set in between 2 celtic horses. SG has a gorgeous knotwork cuff.....and Herself keeps commenting on both of them). Anyway.....we were just chatting with the vendor...and somehow Herself's birthday got mentioned. And his wife pulled out the PERFECT cuff for her - it's dainty. It's got a beautiful garnet set in the middle, in between 2 celtic dragons. STUNNING. SG and I took 1 look, and he asked me "Can you do it? I can give you half next paycheck, if you can". Um. Well.

It fit the budget - barely, but I HAD budgeted some funds for this. I hadn't intended to buy her jewelry...but....I simply couldn't resist. It'll be her first "real" jewelry......and it's a heirloom piece (all his stuff's all 1-of-a-kind, and it's all gorgeous. And the customer service is phenomenal - I damaged my bracelet a few years ago, and the designer repaired it, and cleaned it, free.)

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend. I am sore, but I'll get over it. I did get informed that SG NEEDS handspun, handknit kilt hose (the Clan next to his, the rep had GORGEOUS handknit hose on....and SG kept commenting on them. :lol:) The production wheel is being moved into the family room, so I can get started on that "little" project. (Should we be here. Please, Lord - come quickly!) (:lol: - this will be a big project. All-over cables, on knee-length socks, WITH turn-over cuffs, also all-over cables. Fun, yes...but a pretty big undertaking.)

Gotta go getting ready to start school.

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