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Shabbat Shalom!

I can not wait for tonight - for Rest! Right now, I have 1 loaf of bread kneading and 2 cakes in the oven. I still have to make another batch of Challah dough for tomorrow...AND get dinner started (I am "cheating" - Gordon's fish tonight. :lol:)

After I get dinner out, we have to put in tomorrow's lunch - brisket. It's currently marinating...and is going to take about 18 hours to cook. :sigh: Not my fault - I bought the smallest one the meat locker had. :lol: We're expecting to feed 11 tomorrow, so it'll get eaten...but still.

Himself requested a Minecraft cake....gray on the bottom, with a "thin" layer of brown, then green icing with sprinkles. I *think* I nailed the colors - I started with a normal white cake mix (yup, cheated again! Ah, well....I strive for perfection, but fall short. :grin:), then separated out 1/3. To the 2/3's, I added a drop of green, red, blue, and yellow food coloring, and mixed it up. Had to add a little more blue and red before he deemed it "perfect". The brown...that was a challenge. I added 1 drop of green and red (which was supposed to give me brown)..but it was...well, flesh-colored. :shudder: I ended up adding about 1/4 of a package of chocolate pudding (should have just done that to begin with!) before he said it was right. Glopped the brown on top of the gray....we'll see. The brown is still brown...but the gray looks a little tan. He's planning on smothering the whole thing in green icing (for the grass!) and adding sprinkles (for the ores). We'll see how it turns out...

SG asked for a Hershey's Chocolate Syrup cake.....I had a hard time finding the chocolate syrup cans. It smells divine...hope it tastes as good as it smells! (It's from scratch - does that earn me any points? :lol:)

Himself is totally chuffed with his Mindstorms. Yesterday we had an Alligator waddling around, snapping at everything that moved; today we have a humaniod shuffling around, demanding a *green* ball. (If you give it any other color, it throws it down, apparently in disgust. :rofl:) I'm glad he's happy with it - it's getting harder to find stuff that challenges him, while still being fun.

School was good today - in History, we discussed Sir Isaac Newton; funny thing, the current Science Module is ALSO about Newton. Both kids NAILED the test - Herself had a problem with the math, but because she could tell me what she was supposed to do, and WHY, I gave her credit. Just because she has problems with "higher" math doesn't mean she doesn't *get* the concept. And when both kids screwed up on one problem (how much force it would take to move a dog who was resisting - it was an interesting problem), both were able to explain to *me* (who didn't read the chapter :lol:) how one would go about figuring the answer. And both of them caught their mistake at the same time....they had forgotten to allocate the dog's resistance into their calculations - that was fun to see.

Anyway....hope y'all are having a good day! May your Sabbath be blessed!

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