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Busy busy busy....

It has been a busy time here. Saturday was the Boy's Birthday Bash (went well; no one stayed long, though. :sigh:), then Sunday we ferried Himself to Granny's house for the week. He wanted Herself to stay...but she's home. :grin:

Yesterday was nice - Herself and I did crafts in the AM, went for a walk at the park (and fed the ducks - that was HYSTERICAL. We had a mob following us after we ran out of chips. :lol:). She made some more clay jewelry/resin pieces; I pieced the Shavuot placemats (just need to back them, and they're done. :happy dance:) She baked a batch of Funfetti cookies - not so good for my waistline.

Today I'm at work (for now); SG stayed home so Herself wouldn't be alone. She's not real keen on alone-ness....that's something we need to work on a little, I think.

Not much else to report. Weight is the same - no matter how many DVDs I do, I just can NOT budge the weight. It's too cold for *me* to walk right now...and we have no room for a machine. :sigh: Gotta figure something out...

There's no work for me to do this week, so I need to figure out what to do at home. Guess I could always clean out the linens, and see what I need to make....not like I don't have the fabric. :lol:


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