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Previous Entry Photos! Mar. 14th, 2013 @ 08:29 am Next Entry
Lost of stuff's been happening this week, aided by the fact that we are on Spring Break. And I only have 1 kid at home. So, I give you Photos!

First up, the placemats I made for Cyn:

Owl Placemats

The pattern is from Susie C. Shore, and it's pretty easy. And cute! I need to get the hot pad pattern next, so she has a matching set.

Here's my Irish Fest singles:

NTIF singles 2013

the bobbin on the wheel was spun Sunday, the other on Saturday. I'll ply them together at some point in the next month or so - I need the bobbins empty by the Highland Games in May!

THIS. This is going to be a 3-ply yarn for SG's kilt hose. 3-ply for a rounder yarn, to make the cables pop - not that they *need* it, with this pattern, but hey - the yarn will theoretically last longer.

Kilt Hose singles 2013

The bobbin on the kate is closer to the true color. The wool was carded and naturally dyed by the ever-so-talented Stephanie Gaustad. LOVELY, lovely stuff - it's been aging in my stash for a few years, now. It's going to make a LOVELY pair of kilt hose!

And then yesterday, this happened:

Julia Towel warp

Yes, folks, I am - gasp! - getting ready to weave. Dishtowels, of course - that is my favorite project. (Why? Because you can never have too many dishtowels, they are fast, they are fun, and..Tigger keeps eating my old ones. Plus, dishtowels make good gifts. :nods:)

That catches you up with my stuff, I think. Herself has a camera-full I need to sort and post, but that'll come later. For now, I need to finish warping the loom, then I have to bake pie. Because...today is Pi Day! (Well, at 1:59, because...pi = 3.14159, duh! :wink:)


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