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Let's speak Hebrew!

Anna did a post with some Fantastic YouTubes on learning Hebrew, and other links - so I figured I'd post my links here (to spare her comments :lol:) I tend to forget YouTube...I really need to work on that...


Let's start with apps. I have a LOT of apps - I know some of these are available for Android as well as iOS, but I'm not sure which. I've spent WAY too much time in the App store looking for stuff...and I've found a LOT of losers as well as a few gems. Maybe I can save y'all some money.

EuroTalk Hebrew: They have both an App and a stand-alone computer program. It's Hebrew-lite; a lot of words, but no context on how to use them correctly in conversation. The app is pricey at $11.99...the computer program was $29.99. The app is almost IDENTICAL to the program, so IF you want it, go for the app....but honestly? You won't be fluent using this.

Prolog media's Hebrew: very light conversational Hebrew. App-only, as far as I know. Not too pricey - I think it was $9.99 for the full program (you get 2 lessons for free, to see if you want it.) I *like* it, but the full program only has like 9 lessons, so again - you won't get fluent. It is a good intro, though, to conversational Hebrew, but you'll need *more*.

WordPower: Word-a-Day. NOT worth the cost for the full program, and not really worth the free download (because, seriously - 1 word a day. NOT gonna get very far, very fast!). is free, and you do learn a little each day.

eTeacher: Conversational in video form. I have the free version....not so impressed. I think the paid version is better...but the fact that prices are NOT listed on the website is a huge red-flag to me. (and I've found something "better"...more in a bit)

Hebrew QR: Aleph-bet game type app. Cute...but...meh. Not impressed. Think it was free or under $3.

Hebrew Essentials: I have the free version. It costs $9.99 to's flash-card based, and it's just not that engaging for *me*.

Ma Kore Hebrew: I have the free version..and it's very very limited. It's $9.99 to upgrade...but again it's very light (at least the free version.) Again, I'm not so impressed - *I* don't feel it's worth $10.

Sarah and David: I don't know if this is still available - when I got the app, it was to help sell their books, but the last time I visited their website they were ditching the books to go into online stuff. VERY good beginner aleph-bet story books; the app is basically the book, in audio form. We used them to learn the aleph-bet, and to learn basic (think Kindergarten) reading. We're still not fluent, but I do recognize some of the simpler words.


Rosetta Stone: Save your money. Seriously - we've had RS Hebrew for...3 years now, and we Just. Can't. Get. Into. It. I have scheduled 1 lesson per day...and we still bomb. The problem is that it's "Total Immersion"..which means NO English. We're in Level 1 (think year 1...only, not really), Unit 2...and we're still fumbling around. It gives you 4 photos, and says something, and you have to choose the correct photo. Sometimes it's easy...sometimes, not so much. Since you don't KNOW the words, you do a lot of guessing....and in Level 2, they've added writing...but they've NEVER gone over the aleph-bet (let alone how to properly SPELL things), so it's a crap shoot. We've taken to quickly writing down the words (in very sloppy Hebrew) as it reviews them, then re-doing the Lesson to up our scores...because seriously, there's no other way we can make a passing grade on it. :sigh: I want to keep plugging along...but SG's already given up (Level 1, Unit 1), and Herself is totally frustrated. :big sigh:

EuroTalk: Yup. I have the program, too. Again, save your money - totally not gonna get fluent using it. Good if you want to just learn words - it helps, it really does! - but it's not going to get you actually *speaking* Hebrew.


Ah. I think I've found a winner! I have a firm belief that you can learn something if you HEAR it - it's why I bought a lot of Hebrew children's songs earlier, so that we'd get some of the vocabulary. I started looking at podcasts last year, but it wasn't until last month I found what I was looking for. You get the first one free, then you have to subscribe. I was on the fence - it's $80/year...but. WITH your subscription (and you can subscribe for as little as 90 days - $50, I think) you can download EVERYTHING on the site. All the podcasts, all the VIDEOcasts (which are just the podcasts with cutesy pictures), all the supporting pdfs, and the answers. It's what I spent all weekend downloading - they have 117 audio lessons (and video - again, it's the same thing, only with pictures). They upload a new lesson each month - but with 117, I'm not too anxious for new ones. It's conversational Hebrew, and it's very engaging. We watched the first video today - the "pre-beginners' lesson 1" - and it was good. Short - only 14 minutes - but they explained the words, explained the whole gender-thing, and even explained WHY some words have added sounds. (Which...Rosetta Stone doesn't. *I* now know why some of the words sound different!)

There are other podcasts out there - the next most "popular" is Hebrewpod101. Skip it - they advertise as free, but they aren't. The first cast is, but all the rest are 2 minute ads for their course, and they are more expensive than Hebrewpodcasts are.

So. Between my podcasts and Anna's YouTubes, I think we might actually LEARN something now! I'm thinking we'll do RS occasionally....but honestly? It wasn't worth the money. We didn't try Pimsleur, but it's basically the same

Almost forgot: Websites! Confession - I haven't done much here, but wanted to include links anyway.

Virtual Ulpan: Free. Very basic - it's relatively new, so I'm not sure where he's going with it, but conversational Hebrew.

Cartoon Hebrew: Learn the Aleph-bet thru cartoons! Not the complete Aleph-bet, but cute.

Gotta run - Himself was sick last night, so I'm in Dr. Mom mode. School was light (we HAD to do some, because they had last week off. No Latin or Math - which made both kids happy.), and they're both on the couches vegging right now. I need to rustle up lunch, and weave a bit - I'm half-way thru Dishtowel #4! :happy dance:

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