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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

The more things change...

Julia Dishtowels finished
(finished "Julia" dishtowels, wet-finished, hemmed, and ironed)

The more they stay the same:

Dishtowel warp

(new warp, same threading plan as "Julia", but with UKI's 8/2 cotton, in blue and yellow stripes.)

The "Julia" towels have actually been done since Friday; I spent Monday and Tuesday tying 480 knots (to save time - it really did! - I simply tied the new warp onto the unwoven warp ends. No new sleying or threading! It took me 3 hours vs. 5+ to start fresh.), then yesterday was spent trying to find my temple (the wooden thingy). I had ordered it last week; USPS said it was delivered the post office 20 miles away. (I have no clue; the zip code doesn't even REMOTELY look like ours!). The clerk at our PO was nice enough to call and have them find it; I then packed up the kids and we took a short road trip. :sigh:

And then...the temple is BROKEN. 1 of the teeth (on the bottom; they're what keep the warp spread out) has fallen out. Yes, I've contacted the seller...we'll see what they do about it. :sigh:

Still, all that aside, I like the warp. The weft (natural) is muting the yellow stripe (which *I* like, because I find that yellow at bit garish), and I like the more rustic look of this set over the "Julia" ones (they had a natural warp/white weft; I reversed it for this warp). We'll see how I feel about it 6 yards from now...:lol:

I'm already planning the *next* warp - natural with purple and lavender stripes. And the *next* next one - natural with green and rust stripes. After that....well, I'll probably be sick of this pattern, so I'll warp something new. Still dishtowels, probably.....I'm kinda addicted to them. They're fast and useful. :nods: (And...we have 2 sets of friends purchasing new houses, so we need 2 housewarming gifts, then there's the friends that need pick-me-ups, and Giftmas prezzies, and and can never have too many handwoven dishtowels on hand. The good thing for me is, I get at least 1 out of every warp, so I just about NEVER have to buy new towels. :lol:)

It's cool and drizzly here - good thing. We NEED the rain. Badly.

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