Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


Yesterday was cold and wet - we had hail; some places had so much it looked like snow. The skylights in the barn and milk room are ruined...looks like I'll be up on the roof later fixing it. :sigh:

I was stupid....when Herself and I were winding on this warp, I thought it was kinda long. I had warped what I thought was 6 yards..but it sure did seem longer. Yesterday, I pulled the reel back out to wind my next warp (I'm on towel #3 - halfway according to my original calculations)...and decided to actually *measure* the reel before I started. Um. *I* thought it was a 1-yard reel...nope. It's a 2-yard. So, my 6 yard warp? Is actually *12* yards. Glad I had already decided that most of this warp went to the give-away pile...:lol: (The next warp is actually 6 yards. And I marked the reel, so I won't forget.)

SG bought me an auxiliary cord for my iPad/Phone - now I can listen to the podcasts in the Jeep without burning them to CD. (The radio has an aux. jack - makes it nice!)

Need to go weave a bit...I have a LONG way to go on this current warp! :lol:

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Tags: blather, weaving

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