Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It has been busy around here...

Let's see:

1. I spent part of Monday making "saddle bags" for my loom bench. I opted to paint the garage floor, remember, so I just have carpet remnants on the floor. My shuttles don't like to stay ON my bench - they kept falling off; the last straw came when my lovely, lovely, handmade Bluster Bay Paduak shuttle (I LOVE that shuttle!) hit the floor and knocked a chip off the tip. :sigh: SO. I priced ready-made $80/pair I decided I could do something myself. Scrap fabric, thread, and a couple of hours to figure out HOW to sew it up, and I now have some cute sheepie-themed bags on each end of my bench.

2. I wound a new warp - same stripe pattern, but in purple and lavender. The purple was all tangled - thanks to an over-eager puppy a few years ago - and broken in a ton of places. Made for a LONG period of warping, and the purple stripes are all knotted, but....:sigh: At least I'll have a set of purple dishtowels for our friends.

3. Studio organization: I've been hunting for a desk to use as a sewing table for quite some time. I found one yesterday - it's UGLY, but it's FREE - and we'll be picking it up today. And repainting it...did I mention it's UGLY? But it'll work, and it'll tidy up that corner. Next up: A new bookcase. And some cabinets.

So far, Unleavened Bread has been good to me - I've lost 3 pounds! (Which confirms my belief that bread is BAD for *me*. :sigh:) I just wish SG would get on board...he keeps Forgetting that we're in Unleavened Bread. :bangs head: I don't know...I can't worry about him - this is his problem, not mine, but it's disappointing to *me*.....:sigh:

Gotta run - school's up, then we pick up my desk. Shabbat Shalom!

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Tags: blather, studio

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