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SO much stuff....

Let's do a list - I haven't done that in a while:

1. We almost got creamed by the LARGEST truck I have EVER seen today - the FBI have brought in a mobile command center, and they needed gas. At the pump we were just vacating. HUGE doesn't cover it. Awesome and scary do. I wish them luck in their endeavors.

2. Studio clean-up time! Herself and I got the free desk cleaned up and painted Friday afternoon before the rains hit. It's....Pink! - not the color I had anticipated from the sample. It was supposed to be a nice cranberry...oh, well. It works. And we have SPACE in the sewing corner now - all 3 machines (my sewing machine, Herself's sewing machine, and my serger) all fit, WITH room to spare. The patterns are neatly filed in 1 drawer, all the thread is in another, and the 2 bottom drawers hold the machine parts and misc. sewing tools.

I spent most of the day yesterday putting my Spin-Off collection in binders - I ran out of binders before I ran out of magazines, but SG says he has more at work. I have all but 3 issues from 1983 - current....the only reason I resubbed this year was to keep the collection "intact". I'm thinking I'll drop it next year, though....the current issues suck, IMNSHO. :sigh:

It's still cluttered in there, because I have NO PLACE to put stuff. I am looking on CraigsList for salvaged cabinets - that'll get it into shape. Yes, I have photos....but I'm debating posting them because of the clutter (yes, it bothers me. No, I *can't* do anything about it right now - I NEED cabinets. Or some form of storage...cabinets are the logical choice.)

3. Saturday, we hit the "local" weaving store. See.....for about a year now, I've had the hankering to weave a Prayer Shawl - a Tallit, to be exact. I've been fighting it - it's NOT Torah-commanded, and, besides, SG has a (nasty polyester) shawl he got from the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. But....I *wanted* to weave one. And Friday SG surprised me by a) going to the local sofer's (Jewish Scribe) and pricing shawls and b) asking if it was possible for me to weave one. (Um, yeah - they're just large rectangles. I have a 63" wide loom.....I think a 35" wide rectangle is do-able. :lol:)

So. I spent a bit of Friday evening figuring yardage and yarn requirements. Saturday, we went to the aforementioned weaving store ( not a huge fan. They are...not the friendliest bunch, and they're not exactly *close* to us. But....they're within driving distance, and they do have some yarns to fondle. Prices...are a bit high, but not out of's just the people aren't as friendly as at the now-defunct Woolenworks I hung out at when I was learning to weave.)....she didn't have what I had planned on using (20/2 wool)..but she DID have 18/2 wool/silk. Um....yes, PLEASE! (For figuring purposes, the sett is about the I didn't have to do any re-calculating.)

Anyway. SG bought 1 pound of WHITE (it's...blinding. :lol:), 10 oz of Royal Blue (BLUE!!! It's GORGEOUS!) and ordered 1 pound of Natural (it'll add a subtle depth to the finished shawl - the color is just a hair "off" the white.) We only wanted 8 oz of the blue...but "It'll be So Much Trouble for me to wind it off....can't you use the extra 2 oz?" (Um. She could *easily* have wound off 2 can use balled yarn just as easily as you use cones...and.....she has an electric ball winder. I'm just sayin'....) Oh, and she expects us to pay the shipping on the natural. Um. She commented that she needed to order more of this for her shop......SG's going to be having words with her tomorrow. :sigh: (I don't mind paying for shipping for a special order that's going to my house - but when a shop CARRIES this yarn, and has already said they'll be ordering more, I really don't think charging ME the shipping is fair. And....I've never had to pay shipping to a local shop before....)

Himself has indicated interest as well - he's thinking he wants a PLAID prayer shawl. :happy dance:

4. SG is off today (he had to work Friday, so his boss "made it up" to them today) no school. We'll make it up tomorrow.

5. The kids spent most of yesterday doing yard work. SG had bought 8 roses and 2 apple trees; I now have 5 rose bushes under my studio window. It'll be nice when they start blooming. The other 3 roses are by the front gate; the 2 trees are replacements for the 2 we bought last year that died (and were still under warranty - free trees for the win! :lol:) He also bought me a pretty purple's in line with my window so I will see it every time I look up from the loom.

Our whole area is on high-alert, and everybody is skittish. I have NEVER seen so many Rangers/FBI/SWAT people as I did today...not just around the Courthouse, but all over town. I can only imagine how bad it is in the DA's town....:sad: This really isn't the way any of us thought our town would get on the news......

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