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Update goodness...random mutterings

Whew. First, I haven't gotten to the wool yet. Himself has an earache, so everything has to come to a stop to deal with that (he's eating supper right now - 3 feet from me - and I am NOT allowed to leave his sight. *sigh* Tell me again why I wanted kids? *g*). I *will* get it done by this weekend! It needs to get out of my garage - it's setting off his asthma something fierce.

I got my 5-pitch English combs today. All I can say is :wow:. Indigo Hound makes some lovely stuff! Lethal, too - I'll try to get a picture later, when I can get to the camera (it's in the other room).

My AA squirrel-cage swift is on it's way to me!!!!!!!! Now, if only the wheel stork would drop by as well, I'd be in total fiber heaven!

The scarf I wasn't *cough* weaving is not *cough* off of the loom and ready to wet finish. It turned out nice - not what I had in mind, but nice. It's in line for pics, too.

The tam I'm not *cough* knitting on is not *cough* 21 rounds away from completion. It's so hard not *cough* knitting on it in public....I keep having to hide my hands from people. *g*

Penzey's Taco seasoning rocks! Both kids cleaned their plates, and the dogs mobbed me when I took the rest outside. I think we have a winner here. (I love my Penzey's! Wonderful spices, and good prices. Go on, click -you know you want to!)

And, last but certainly NOT least (and the reason I've been scatter-brained lately): my co-worker's husband made it thru his surgery today. He's at the point of dialysis, so they did the implant surgery today (it's not called that, but that's what it is - they put in the "plug" in the artery and vein in your arm (or leg) so they can hook up the machine.) He made it thru, but his blood pressure dropped *way* too low during it, so they had to bring him back. *shudder* Normally, this is an outpatient surgery -the doc had told them he would have to stay in the hospital it's at least *2* nights.

My co-worker's a wreck, to say the least - they've been married forever (almost 40 years!), so this is tough on her. *sigh*

He'll be on dialysis by Thanksgiving......let's hope he lives many years more!

That's all I have for now.....more later. And, I *will* get that wool skirted, sorted, and weighed by Sunday evening!!!!
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