Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy, busy, busy

As per our usual mode, our weekends are packed. This one was no exception...

1. Got a new bookcase built (but not quite finished). 6'x3'x1', in 3/4" poplar. It needs a back - seems that it's a little to large to be sturdy without one. The sides are a lovely "Mysteria" blue (think...gray undertoned French Blue), the inside is a soft dove gray. Lovely! But a lot of work.

2. Home Depot had picnic tables on sale - $49!! We bought 1, then decided to use it as a pattern to make another one for the goats to play on. :lol: We have a ton of scrap lumber to use, so the goat toy will be free...the best type!

3. Yesterday was clean the studio and rearrange day. All of SG's brew bottles are now where they belong (instead of just dumped on my floor - why is it that *I* get yelled at if I "dump" something in his shop, but it's OK for him to use my studio as a junk room? Nevermind...just griping.), the old (cheap) bookcase has been moved up next to the pie safe, and the area where the new bookcase belongs is now clean. I'm re-thinking the arrangement....:hmmmmm:

I'm thinking that maybe the bookcase(s) (Yes...I really need *2* for all the books I have in there*) need to be up on the ledge, and the fiber and yarn need to be on the side wall behind my spinning chair. With the new storage up on the ledge as well. IF the water heater bursts, the books will be safe from water damage......I need to paint the yarn- and fiber-storage units anyway (yarn will be the same French Chocolate as the fabric storage; the fiber will be this lovely blue. The pink of the sewing table....isn't going to be repeated. It's TOO pink. :lol:)

4. Dishtowels! I can see the end of the warp! I think there's 2 more towels on the warp.....maybe. I just need to sit and weave.

* I have a LOT of craft books. I feel that, while YouTube is nice and all, it may not be around all the time. (Don't try to argue the point....EMPs are a distinct possibility - no, they aren't permanent, but...still. I'm watching the gov't - they're trying to limit us plebe's access to the 'net.) I'd rather have a hard copy of instructions on stuff that'll be important later (clothing fabrication/woodstove cookery/animal care/etc) ON hand, so that if we're stuck with no electricity we can still do stuff that's needed. Do I NEED 50 books on knitting? Probably not - but I can't leave a useful book on the store shelf. :lol: SG doesn't agree...and he gets mad at me every time I purchase a book on some woodworking skill. :rolls eyes: Whatever...I'd rather have 'em and not need them instead of the other way around.

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