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Random Ramblings...

1. Doc visit yesterday went well. Everything is OK - she wants to check my thyroid, because, in her words "At about 40, women's thyroids tend to go wonky. I recommend this to all my patients." See, I LIKE knowing WHY the doc wants a test - don't just order it, let me know WHY. I also need to get the girls smashed....which brings me to:

2. I was reading Epbot the other day. Jen said that 90% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra. I thought "No way. Because I've been measured 3x at Bali, and they get the same size each time." and felt smug....until I thought about it. Because...they always measure me IN MY CLOTHES. :hmmmm: So...I grabbed a tape measure, went to the bathroom, and stripped...and measured.

The band size didn't change. get the cup size, I did what was recommended - I bent over and let gravity help. Um.. Oh. My. For YEARS, I've worn a 34D. For YEARS, I've been uncomfortable (ignore the fact that everyone that found out my bra size told me that there was NO WAY I was a girls just aren't that big.) Well....they're WRONG. My correct size?

34H/34FF (depending on if it's US/UK sizing). :boggle: I have an 8" difference in my 2 measurements.....and I re-measured 4x before I accepted it.

13 years ago, my mother took me to a private bra-seller, who measured me and told me then I was a 34FF (I still have that bra, and am wearing it now.) *I* thought it was just because I had just birthed Himself, and that things would settle, no. She measured me correctly. (I quit wearing it after Himself was weaned, because...well, my girls just are NOT that big, and FF is huge, right? Nope. I put it on this morning, and I am AMAZED at how natural it feels. And how I no longer have armpit fat, AND my girls are perky. I've already got a bunch of bras saved on eBay - payday is going to be fun!)

IF you have "back fat" or "armpit fat", chances are it's not fat, it's migrated breast tissue. Have back pain? Bra straps fall down? Straps leave impressions in your shoulders? All of this is caused by the wrong bra size. :sigh:

What makes it worse? Last month I bought $200 worth of new bras....all in the WRONG size. The women's shelter is about to get a donation....:sigh:

3. Got the new bookcase set up last night...and SG HATES it. No, the wood wasn't perfect - it's a freaking BOOKCASE. It holds ALL my and Herself's craft books (WITH room to spare, I might add!), and the colors look good. :sigh: He's already planning on building a "proper" one (plus the 2nd one I need....the books all fit on this one, but not the magazines. Of which I have...a lot. Still, *I* think it looks fabulous, and the Studio is coming along now - it actually is starting to look, well, nice.

4. I got the yarn armoire painted totally changed the "feel" of the piece. Normally, I dislike painted wood....but this? Gave the piece new life. (So did the paint job on the pie safe - it was a yucky, baby-poo yellow. Now? It's a lovely cottage blue. TOTALLY changed it - now I LOVE it. And before anyone yells at me - no, it wasn't an antique. It used old wood, but from everything we could tell, it's a fake. Even the kids' Granny, who is an antique hound, said it wasn't real - and I only paid $200 for it 15 years ago. It was either paint it or burn it...because it was UGLY.) I'm going to try to get photos this weekend, because...well, it's starting to look really good in there.

5. Our A/C went out this week. :sigh: Still, the Lord is good - it's 36* right now. Our A/C repair friend is going to come look at it this weekend....and it's supposed to be on the chilly side until Monday.

6. Remember the local weaving store? Yeah...I will NOT recommend them. It's been over 2 weeks, and we still hadn't heard about our special order. SG called yesterday...."Oh! She isn't going to carry that yarn anymore, and she didn't get around to actually placing the order for a while."

Wait. You have a customer who wants to buy some yarn THAT YOU HAVE IN THE STORE. You don't have 1 of the colors he wants, so YOU offer to order it in for him (and charge him shipping...I'm still pissed over that). Customer pays almost $300 (between SG and me, that is..still, family, and purchased at the same time), and you don't order what he wants in a timely manner? And then tell him you're not going to carry that yarn anymore? WHY didn't you mention that at the time of purchase - because we would have placed the order ourselves and had it shipped directly to the house. And already HAD it...but I digress. ( was the OWNER herself who dealt with us that, yeah, she should have TOLD us she wasn't dealing in that yarn anymore.)

I am beyond done with her. I put up with the weird treatment (we have ALWAYS been treated as if we're intruding....and how DARE we actually want to purchase something they have for sale!) because, hey, she was "local". Support your local yarn store and all that...I think I need to adopt the internet as my "local". :sigh:

I still need 5 colors in that yarn. Halcyon Yarn carries "mini-cones" of it (630 yards) for $17/each...guess who's going to be getting a lot of money from me soon? The Woolery has excellent customer service - I have a couple of items I'll be buying from them soon, too. I'd rather get good service and wait for my product then put up with the "local" again. :sigh: I can always order sample cards if I simply must fondle the yarn...

7. Shabbat Shalom! Tonight's menu includes pot roast (already smelling delish!), rice, and challah. See ya on the flip side!

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