Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Bucklings: 6 Doelings: 1

Let's get you caught up. I induced Inara Friday evening, without SG's knowledge. Risky was due, but a) she's a large doe and b) she's trip'd before, so I wasn't too concerned with her. 48 hours later, Inara presented me with 2 gorgeous moonspotted bucklings. :sigh: (She's SUCH a drama queen. She waited until *I* was in the barn with her before she got down to business. SG wasn't good enough - *I* had to be there. :sigh:)

SG was worried about Risky, so he had me induce her Sunday evening. 36 hour later (this AM), we got to the barn to find 3 floppy, not-looking-so-good kids out in the damp. (Risky prefers to birth outside. Go figure...)

2 boys, 1 girl. The girl is the floppiest, and, if I am honest, the only 1 I'm worried about. Boys are for sale...the girl, probably not. Risky has had 2 girls in her life....and I have both of them. :evil grin:

Cold front coming in. Inara's boys (Worf and Wesley - we have a TNG thing going this year) are in the barn, in sweaters. Risky's crew (Data - black boy, Troi - brown girl, and Jordie - brown boy) are in my bathroom, and will be for a while.

I have a blood draw this AM, and a mammo at noon. :sigh: Busy day!

Oh! And yesterday I sold the Structo loom finally! Didn't get as much as I had wanted, but it's GONE. :happy dance: Now I have the funds to purchase the rest of the tallit yarn!

Gotta run - got a date with a vampire! Laters!

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