Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Pictures or it didn't happen....

Yeah, well......sorry about the quality - they're from my cell phone, and I snapped them quickly. At least you can see what my life consists of right now!

First up, meet Inara's twins, born Sunday evening. I midwife'd they are "mine". For sale, if you know anybody interested. :wink:


The larger is Wesley, the smaller Worf. Yeah, I know...but Worf was born first, and he's darker.

Here's Risky's triplets:


The smallest is the girl (Troi); the other 2 are boys (Jordie (brown) and Data (black)) (also for sale - hey, I don't NEED any more bucks!)

This is yesterday's surprise:


He's just a few hours old here, and yet he TOWERS over the older triplets. Yes, they're small-ish, but not THAT small. He's bigger than the largest twin, in fact!

This is yesterday morning's milk haul:


Please note that Risky and Inara have not come fully into milk, Dulce and Sasha are feeding their boys, and Zoe.....well, her udder exploded yesterday and she's doubled what she's been giving us. So this morning's haul? Was even more....... (those are 5 quart buckets, by the way. We're going to be swimming in milk soon...especially when the boys are sold....)

And this is the sum of my life right now:


Bottles 4x/day. At least everybody is down at the barn now - the triplets actually went all night without needing a bottle, and they're finally steady on their feet. :whew: I'm watching the weather - if it gets too cold, Troi and Data will come back to the house. They're the 2 I'm worried about - the rest? Are tough. :lol:

Speaking of...I gotta go feed the babies. Shabbat Shalom!

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