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Decided it was time to do a "photo" tour of the studio.....please bear in mind, it's still a bit cluttered, but it's looking a LOT better. Also, I need to vacuum....

First up, let's look at the spinning corner:

studio spinning

I still need to find some place to store the "extra" wool....but for the most part, this cozy area is done. (Except for painting behind the freezer....I need to figure out how to easily do that.) The drum carder just fits in between the armoire and the freezer - and it's easy to pull it out to use.

On the opposite side of the room is my sewing corner:

studio sewing

The table loom on the right side of the photo is now sold, but this gives you the idea. Also you can see how PINK the sewing desk is. :lol: (LOVE the desk, BTW. It's PERFECT (except for the color)- enough space for patterns and accessories, and a nice large top for cutting stuff out.) The desk is large enough that my machine, Herself's machine, and the serger all fit, and there's still space to work on. It's *great*!

My pantry door:

studio pantry

Yeah, it's wonky...but it's a DOOR, and that's what I wanted. SG wants to build a "better" pantry...I'm not holding my breath. This works, it looks OK, and I'm happy with it. (Have I mentioned that I like doors on things? Because...I do.)

Up on the ledge, where the pie safe/yarn armoire used to be, is the library:

studio books

LOVE this. I have enough shelf space that all the books are neat, organized, and easy to get to, and the magazines are neat on the other shelf. Again, SG isn't happy - but this this MY room, I am, so...:pbbbbbbbbbbbbt: The shelving unit next to the bigger case is going to disappear as soon as I can find an affordable wardrobe to replace it with. I like stuff hiding behind doors - it looks neater.

I don't have a good photo of the soap area or the credenza/fabric storage - they're on the same wall as the sewing desk, but there's a large window there that makes it hard to get a good picture. The soap cabinet is pine, and the credenza is the same purple as the yarn armoire - I can't bring myself to paint the soap matches our bedroom furniture, and in the back of my mind I keep saying "Matched set!!!!". We'll NEVER use it in the bedroom...but whatever. The color is fine....and I don't HAVE to paint everything. Yet. :lol:

And, I give you the warp-from-hell:

studio loom

Pain in the butt to get onto the loom, but now it's playing nicely. I need to get it woven off.....soon. I'm SICK of it...:lol: (Told you I need to vacuum...I will, after I finish this warp. Before I put a placemat warp on and mess up the floor again. :lol:)

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I still have quite a bit of work to do, but it's coming together, and looks better than it did.

Shabbat Shalom!

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