Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy Mother's Day Redux...

Saffron (Cashmere) decided that yesterday was the PERFECT day to kid....2 cute li'l fuzzy BUCKLINGS. :grrr: and :lol:

Weird delivery - she went into labor @5 (Himself ran up to the house: "Mom! Herself says one of the goats is sick!" "Which one?" (as I get my shoes on) "One of the Cashmeres!" Get down to the barn - not sick, in labor. Ah, well....) I saw hooves, so I grabbed them to keep them from sliding back, Saffy freaked, got up and RAN out of the barn, leaving me holding the kid. :snicker: It took her almost 25 minutes before she decided to deliver the twin (again, I grabbed the feet - this time she didn't run, she just pushed him out in 1 massive contraction and decided I was #3. :lol:)

Sicking with our theme, we have Archer (looks like a Wookie, but wrong universe) and Kirk (he's a frosted brown - looks JUST like a burro. Since Shatner is an...well, ass, the name seemed to fit. :lol:)

So. We're back on kid-watch - I thought I had another week, but that's OK. Baby cashmeres are CUTE. And fuzzy. :rofl:

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