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The wool is skirted and boxed!


Previous Entry The wool is skirted and boxed! May. 14th, 2005 @ 01:24 pm Next Entry
I was ruthless....I have probably 4 sheep's worth of fleece adorning the side of my house (cheap mulch!) 1 fleece was so contaminated with VM I tossed the whole thing. The rest...boxed up ready to weigh out.

No matter how I laid them out, I couldn't get them to look like anything remotely resembling a sheep. Unless Pastor's sheep are mutants.....I gave up and just started pulling of the icky-est parts.

The tips are grody. Really really grody. I teased a few of them apart - the gunk *should* come out, since it didn't take much to tease them open, but they look icky.

They have also set off Himself's asthma in the worst way. I've been able to keep him out of the hospital...so far....that's why I was ruthless today. I probably could have salvaged at least 1 fleece - but I want this stuff Out of My Garage.

I left my contact list at work....but I will be contacting everyone Monday morning. I talked with Pastor, and he doesn't care - he doesn't want any money, he just wanted it to go to a good home. (Plus, the wool pool is paying like $0.20 a pound, and it's just not worth it when he has to drive 3+ hours to get to it!), so...here's the deal. I'll be sending it out. If you like it, send me the money. If you don't, fine. I gotta get it gone so Himself can start breathing easily again. (I thought the garage was going to be ok, since he's only in it 2X a day, for as long as it takes to get into/out of the van. I was wrong.)

Must run - gotta give him another breathing treatment, then I have to go out and mow the yard again, before the weekly rains hit.
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