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:sigh: We're FINE.


Previous Entry :sigh: We're FINE. May. 20th, 2013 @ 09:04 am Next Entry
After 3.5 hours in the ER yesterday, we're all fine. SG was out putting in a better fence in the nursery paddock; we have/had the start of a barn there (all the framing was up, but he ran out of $$ before putting on the tin) that the does had torn up the last time we were in there. I wasn't too concerned - the goats don't go in there often, and neither do we.

Except yesterday. He had both kids in there, helping with the fence. No biggie, except Himself isn't very observant - he stepped right on a nasty, rusty, old framing nail. :sigh: Right thru the arch of his foot.

Which the doc said was the WORST place ever to step on a nail.....but. The x-rays showed no rust fragments in the foot, and the puncture was "clean".

Because he's 13, they said his tetnus was OK...but I asked if we couldn't get a booster just in case. The doc agreed - this is kinda a nasty thing, and he WAS 1 year off of needing the booster, so.....:whew:

I'm ready for doc visits to be over...especially ER visits. :sigh:

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