Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Wow - 3 for 3!

Don't get too excited - I don't think I can keep it up. :lol: (Well...this week I might be able to. We'll see...)

1. Ali - no, I didn't Lute the Cashmeres. They were only in with the buck for 1 week, so I *know* when they have to be due, but I don't know who got bred, when. I figure, 5 days before, 5 days after - so, 17 days to watch. Zorra, I had caught her in heat the month before, wrote it down, and calculated it for the month we bred. According to *that*, she was due Sunday - but I might not have calculated her heat cycle correctly. THIS year, I plan to track heat cycles better - because I only caught each doe in heat 1 time last year, and did a lot of guess-work. (The milkers, we could see evidence of breeding; the others, not so much.)

2. Himself's foot is doing remarkably well. He's tired of the antibiotics, but he has to take the whole bottle. :evil grin:

3. SG is waxing last week's cheddar - I know it's young, but it sure is tasty! Today (after grocery shopping), I started a batch of goat's milk stirred-curd cheddar. Basically the same cheese as last week, but this recipe was designed specifically for goat's milk. We'll see if it tastes any different.....

4. Tomorrow is a busy day. Pest guy in the AM, eye exam in the afternoon, and I HAVE to make some soap. And Friday I should probably make another batch of some sort of cheese.....we're getting almost 3 gallons/day out of 4 does, and we just can't drink that much. :lol: (Not complaining!)

5. I really need to get back to the loom - I've been avoiding it. I HATE purple, I'm on towel #5, and I really need to get these done so I can do "pretty" ones. :lol: The next set has stripes of rust and sage-y green; really pretty in the cone and on the warping mill, so I have high hopes for them. Then it's on to overshot placemats and THEN onto the tallits. :whew:

6. Herself had a doc appointment today. I'm...not sure about them - I haven't refilled her prescription for 2 months. The nurse we saw today? Didn't know that - the records apparently don't show refills. I didn't mention it - yet - because I want to make sure Herself is stable for more than 2 months before saying anything. Still, she's doing well, and I am pleased.

Gotta skitter - I'm tired, and tomorrow will be busy.

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Tags: blather, cheese, goats, kids, weaving

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