Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy busy busy

as usual. Let's see:

1. Eye doc appt. yesterday. Everything checked out NORMAL - my close-in vision has deteriorated a bit, but that's normal per the doc. (As you get older, your lenses get thicker/stiffer, and it affects your near sight.) I need to budget for my new glasses - $300 WITH our insurance. :shudder: Yes, I'm checking out Zenni bifocals are pricey!

2. I think we're done kidding. :fingers crossed: All 3 new bucklings are doing well; bouncy and noisy and cute as can be.

3. Every time I think I have everything we need for school, I find something else. :lol: This time it's Anna's fault - she's gearing up to study Musicals. I used to have a nice selection - I LOVE Musicals! - but when SG got rid of the VCR I had to rehome the VHS tapes. I *thought* I had replaced them.....but I only made lists, I didn't actually BUY any replacements. :sigh: eBay is my friend....I have a HUGE watchlist right now; I need to look at the budget and see what I can get. (The good news is that I have the Operas we need, and almost all the Shakespeare plays. least I'm partway there!) (And, I do have an extensive collection of soundtracks...but it's more fun to SEE a musical than it is to just listen to it, especially when you've never seen it before.)

4. Life of Fred is currently a hit. *Herself* is even participating! I'm doing it as a read-aloud, and Himself is doing the problem sets mentally - at the moment. I've already read this book; I thought it was kinda stupid on my read-thru, but then I didn't do any of the math. I have to say, I'm impressed. Herself actually *got* how to figure out going from a negative number to a positive (ie: How many floors do you actually go up from the 3rd basement (-3) to the 85th floor? Answer: 88. You have to go UP 3 floors to get to the ground, then you go up 85 MORE. She NEVER got that before! :happy dance:)

5. The GM cheddar is looking fantastic! I tasted some of it as I peeled the cheesecloth off - it has a really nice flavor now. Can't wait to taste it in 4 months!

6. Made 2 batches of soap yesterday - Moonlight Pomegranite and Heather & Hyacinth. The H&H is WAY too floral for my tastes, but it seems to be settling down. We'll see how it cures.

I think that catches me up.....I gotta skitter. School and Sabbath prep today - Shabbat Shalom!

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