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After posting yesterday, I spent some time organizing our DVD shelves. See....I had them all neatly alphabetized last year, but my children don't understand the need to KEEP them that way. Nor does my they had gotten a bit, shall we say, messed up. Now, they're not perfect, but they are much better, and I KNOW what I have. And what I don't.

I found some musicals that I had forgotten I'd bought - Flower Drum Song, and Fiddler. Also, I have Anna and the King of Siam, which I plan on scheduling alongside The King and I (which...I need. :sigh: Always something! :lol:) It's OK - I LOVE Musicals! I don't mind buying more - in fact, I think they're better than most modern movies...and I'd rather my kids watch them, to be honest.

I then spent another hour/hour and a half working on next year's Lesson Plans. (I LOVE PlanBook. LOVE it!) We'll be done with our Art Appreciation book in 1 more lesson; I wanted to plan out the DVD course we have. That'll carry us thru..October, I think. After that...who knows? :lol: I have lots of stuff to use, I just need to drop it in the slot...but that can wait. I also got our Poetry all scheduled (we do Poetry on Thursdays - this year, it was Concrete Poems. Next year, it'll be Favorite Poems - looks like fun!) Again, though - once this book's done, I'm not sure what I'll do....we'll see. The Teaching Co. has a course on Poetry...but I don't know that I want to DO an entire semester in College-Level Poetry, kwim?

Today is Cheese-making day - Manchego. :mmmmm: Herself has requested fresh cheese for her party, so next week I'll make another batch for her. :lol: (This is HUGE, because until recently, she wouldn't eat burgers. So baby wants fresh cheese for her burger? Baby *gets* fresh cheese for her burger! :rofl:)

My printer is currently slogging along, printing out our next TorahClass book: Exodus. I was going to get it professionally printed....but this is much cheaper, and it's *here*. My little inkjet duplexes (prints both sides),'s worth it. (My only concern is that inkjet ink I'll just have to be careful with liquids around it.)

Guess I'd better round up the kids - we need to get started. I've cancelled all Languages this week, and next week is a holiday week, so.....this'll go fast today. Next week it's just Himself and I; I think we're going to try to do some field trips. Should be fun!

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