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One more post on Homeschooling..


Previous Entry One more post on Homeschooling.. May. 29th, 2013 @ 09:15 am Next Entry
because it's what I'm focused on right now. I'm *almost* completely ready for next year...which starts in 2 weeks for us. I'll try to do fun stuff soon, so I can post about something interesting!

Anyway - for my peeps who want to have their kids learn Latin - we've been slogging slowly thru Wheelock's Latin....but it's been S-L-O-W, because *I* don't have a clue. So last night, I started frantically googling. And I hit what I think is Pay Dirt!

Linney's Latin Class. It's by the guy who did our Intro into Latin course ("Getting Started With Latin" - I've mentioned it before!). He's dug up a FREE 1st year Latin book (on the normal free book sites!)(or you can buy a hard copy for $15 from Amazon/B&N/etc), and has recorded .mp3s of the lessons. He's up to Lesson 52 out of 73...and I downloaded EVERYTHING last night. I need to get the book onto the kids' iPads (and I'll buy a hard copy too, just because it's what I do), and then - THEN, I won't have to TEACH Latin, we can all listen and do the exercises along with him. :happy dance:

I tried YouTube...but it seems that it's mostly just the vocabulary words. That's nice...but it doesn't help TEACH the concepts. Linney did a good job with GSWL, so I'm looking forward to starting this.

I feel better about Latin now. Hebrew is plugging along - I really wish I could find something like this for it, but the podcasts work. (And, again - I can't teach Hebrew, because I don't Know Hebrew. I'm trying! but it's hard.)

I'm thinking about doing Latin 2x/week and Hebrew 3x....we'll see. We'll be doing Biology for Science - and I'm going to start dropping it into PlanBook today. I need to order the Lab kit for it - Himself will need the Labs for his transcript (even though this is his 8th grade year.....I don't really want to jump him up a grade, but...all I have left for Science is this, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Physics. I guess we'll see how it goes...but right now, I'm not planning on him skipping a grade. He *could*, but...he's not really there, maturity-wise, so...we'll see.

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