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So I lied....:lol:

but I was asked an interesting question yesterday about learning styles. There's place online that you can get a profile done; they charge $35/each, BUT you can catch them on Homesschool Buyer's Co-op sometimes for $5/each. Well worth the $35, IMNSHO - because it's pretty in-depth. (FYI!!! I just checked; they have it for $3.50/each thru tomorrow. Free to join - worth the time!) (Thanks for the question, BTW - I haven't reviewed the results since they took the test. I'm glad I did a refresher - it gives me some ideas!)

The assessment has a bunch of questions the student answers. Some kids will need guidance; for example, Himself kept saying "But, Mom, I don't LIKE any of these!" and I had to keep telling him "So, which one do you DISlike the least? Pick *it*." Herself had no problems at all - she sped thru it.

Anyway. You end up with a whole bunch of pages to print out, that tells you the student's strengths/weaknesses/best learning techniques. Both my kids learn 2nd best by hands-on (not necessarily something to do with the subject at hand, I should add) and 3rd best by listening. Herself learns best by doodling while listening, while Himself learns best by reading.

BUT. BOTH kids have told me over and over that they actually prefer to *listen* to the lesson (lectures. Great. :snerk:) while doing fiddly stuff with their hands. No biggie - read-alouds are good for the brain. :lol:

The best thing for me out of this was that I can *see* what both kids need to do their best. Himself needs to be able to move around while learning - no big deal at home, but in a public school environment? Not really possible. Herself, meanwhile, needs a dedicated space to do her work (ties in with the Aspie's stuff). The paper models that I found? Are PERFECT for both kids, because they both do well with visual representations of stuff. (It's also why I keep pushing the Science lap/notebooks from Knowledge Box Central I bought; not just because I spent money on them - it wasn't that much, to be honest - but because it helps cement the information into their brains. They aren't fond of them - too much "busy work" for them, they claim - but *I* have seen a difference in their retention.

And the funny thing? I had found a site with lyrics for learning Latin declensions. Herself groans when I burst into song...and yet, SHE hums along, and remembers the info. :lol: Himself just rolls his eyes - he's not nearly as musical as she and I are, but that's OK. He tolerates us bursting into songs at random moments. :lol:

I'm glad I had the kids do this - it has really helped me present the material to them. It's harder on me to read everything aloud, but....they'll be faced with this in college lectures, so they might as well get used to it now, right? And this way, I'm reading the stuff too - which is good. Learning is always useful.

I was also asked about a latin curriculum: Latin Trivium. I hadn't heard of it, but did a quick $100/year, roughly. That's...a lot of $$, especially if you've got more than 1 kid to go thru (you'd have to either buy separate workbooks/activity books, or do a lot of photocopying.) I hit the Well Trained Mind forums to do a It focuses on Ecclesiastical pronunciation rather than classical (strike 1 for me), they aren't consistent in the use of macrons (strike 2 for me) and grammar isn't taught consistently. So....take that with a grain of salt.

Try Lively Latin, or Song-School Latin instead. OR - start with "Getting Started with Latin"; the author has FREE .mp3s of the entire book on his website. The book itself isn't expensive - and you can get a pdf version if you prefer. It's EASY - if you use the mp3s it's even easier on you, because not only does he walk you thru each day's work, he adds a few details. Nice! (Same guy who is doing the class I mentioned yesterday - he emailed me and told me THAT class is the equivalent of Latin I and II in High School. Nice!)

Galore Park has a highly recommended Latin Prep course, and Latin for Children.

ANY Latin will help boost SAT and ACT scores, so have fun researching! :wink:

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