Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy New Week!

Yesterday, Herself went to Granny's. She's happy.....and is looking forward to it. Himself is a bit lonely, but also looking forward to having the spotlight on *him* for a bit.

Yesterday, we sold 2 goats. 1 was Data, Herself's favorite buckling. :sigh: I tried to get Worf to go home with them, but she's spent so much time playing with Data that he wouldn't leave the folks alone. :lol: The buyer then offered me $$ for Trillian, Risky's daughter from last year. Um.

I hadn't planned on selling her...but. SG and I had talked about this before - is it better to keep a $500 goat and feed it, or SELL it for less and have that money in hand? Both of us agree - except in rare circumstances (Mocha's daughter, for instance - Mocha's gone, so Chell's it from her.), it's better to sell. So.....$250 for her, and $150 for Data, and everybody's happy. (I have Risky's daughter from this year, so we're OK. Trill was a beauty...but, again - $250 in hand vs. feeding her until fall when we breed. She bought a month's supply of milkstand grains, and Data bought a pre-paid Visa card for Herself's birthday. And dinner last night. :lol:)

Today is cheese-making day. We have run out of bottles - even the small ones! - so something had to give. Tomorrow will also be cheese-making day, I think - I only got 4 half-gallon bottles empty from today. We're getting *5* half-gallon bottles of milk per day......I think we may have a slight problem here....:snicker:

I ordered my glasses from Zenni Optical last night. The optometrist wanted $300 (+ some change) for them; my total at Zenni's? $62. For the SAME thing! :boggle: We'll see how they are when they come in....but I'm thinking they'll be getting my money from now on.

I wasn't sent any timesheets from FA's office....she says she'll send 'em tomorrow. She'd better get them to me early - we DO have other things to do, after all! (She's supposed to get them to me by MIDNIGHT on SATURDAY. Monday =/= Saturday. :bangs head:)

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